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  1. god, reading the comments from Ralph is depressing, we may 2 or 3 including loans. I really am surprised that Ralph hasnt unearthed some gems from his Austrian and German footballing background

  2. 53 minutes ago, Weston Super Saint said:

    You're conflating two issues.

    Fundamentally flawed would indicate that there isn't an answer.

    Whether or not a question 'warrants' an answer is completely subjective and a question you feel may not warrant an answer may be one that everyone else demands to be answered.

    You've also lost sight of the fact that 'there are no stupid questions'.

    What do you think would win a fight between a lemon tart or a one legged giraffe.

    Now tell me there are no stupid questions lol 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Toussaint said:

    Lots of references and speculation about "current market" (covid affected values). Is there any indication so far that values are, or will be lower? I guess it's too early to know as nothing has really got moving yet. Anyone have any insights?

    I suspect the amount of players released tells us something about clubs finances. Im sure there are many players released every season but I cant recall as many who are so called 'names'

  4. 7 minutes ago, Saint86 said:

    He has very good all round stats for both defensive and attacking play whilst playing a predominantly central/defensive role. It is not his fault he doesn't get into goal scoring positions when he is playing his part in a very strict tactical setup. And as for killer balls, he sits joint 16th for key passes per game, which is level with players like Maddison who are far more attacking and playing in better sides. Or did you expect him to be above players like KDB, Mount, Salah etc? 🧐

    He's our 3rd highest scorer (with 8 goals) and most creative player (with 7 assists) - both stats from the league. On top of that he is one of the best set piece specialists in world football and extremely fit and reliable. And he manages all that playing in a relatively poor side.

    Not sure what else you expect, he's turning into a very complete central midfielder.

    Sorry I cant recall many defence splitting passes, slide rule balls but I may be too harsh. The goals I assume were mainly freekicks? He is foremost a defensive midfielder and tidy on the ball, but do you not feel he should press forward more and actually make more attacking play?

  5. 23 minutes ago, John Boy Saint said:

    Just as an aside, I thought it was noticeable that the Portuguese referee was not buying Jack Grealishs falling over at the merest waft of air from an opposition player being in his vicinity - like what happens in the Premier League every week and the ref leaves the pitch from a Villa game with a pocket full of receipts.  Be funny if the international referees committee have found him out.

    He gave the penalty though

  6. 1 minute ago, the saint in winchester said:

    I'm of the view that if the offer is sizeable enough (to be defined) we have to consider selling JWP. We were banking on £25M from an Ings sale to fund other purchases. This has come from left field, but (say) £50M from JWP sets us up also.

    As someone noted above, we think he's invaluable, but he's not. There must be a price at which the benefits of selling outweigh the risks.

    In the current market 30+ is a very good fee, but I agree with the rest you say

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  7. Personally a 30-40m fee if offered should be accepted. Get a bit of money in and get a freshness to some parts of the squad. JWP is exceptional in some areas, but he does not play a killer ball in open play and rarely gets into goal scoring positions. For someone who strikes a dead ball so well, he's pretty poor shooting a moving ball

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  8. On 04/02/2021 at 21:50, hackedoff said:

    25 years ago,appalling facilities but good scouting network and coaches.Result endless conveyor belt of quality youngsters.

    Now,state of the art facilities but a chronic lack of successful prodigies.

    You can Chuck all the money you like at the infrastructure,but without skilled recruitment and development personnel,the product will fail.

    You can have many black boxes you want but if the person who is loading the info and reading what is spewed out is a poor judge you may as well forget it

  9. you are going to see a natural rising of wages for workers. There is a labour shortage of people in the service industry and so companies will have to up their rates to get the staff.

    Generally the consumer will see a increase in prices. Inflation around the corner. I suspect we've all noticed it in the supermarket. Add to that we have the increased costs of importing goods from the EU and that will add to the upward pressure to the £ in our pocket. 

    Low inflation keeps things manageable, I would hate to see the pain of high inflation again. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, DT said:


    Interestingly (ish) Armstrong's stats on Fantasy Football (for what it's worth) are almost double those of ol' lose-the-ball Nathan R. Armstrong is a fine footballer, and, it struck me, almost the epitome of what Ralph likes - superb engine, gets up and down, transitions well, tackles, and scores goals. Redmond has, erm. Not so much.

    I regret putting up the comparison as it has people comparing the 2 when all I wanted to do was show that Nathan was not far behind one of our better players this season.

  11. 4 minutes ago, sydney_saint said:

    Are their stats that similar? Armstrong is beating Redmond in nearly every single one. 24 vs 36 passes per game (and we know from the eye Armstrong passes it forward far more), crossing accuracy way higher for Armstrong, more goals, more assists, better defensive numbers.

    Redmond wins some pretty meaningless ones, like shooting accuracy. The only meaningful stat he wins is big chances created, which is pretty subjective anyway.

    All it confirms is what the eye shows anyway. Armstrong is a much better player which is why he gets plaudits. Anyone watching knows Redmond is cowardly with the ball, berates team mates, misses big chances, and just isn't very good. The stats kinda back all of that up. Perfectly fine for a team aiming for 30 points a season. But not good enough for us.

    As I sadi initially it wasnt putting one player against another but to show that his stats were not far away from a 'hero'.

    'Pretty meaningless stats' of shooting accuracy and big chances created seem to be quite important but there you go. 

    We are not going to change each others opinions as I believe he is a decent player for us and you dont. 

  12. 1 minute ago, sydney_saint said:

    I can't see where he scored against Bournemouth in the league, or where he got an assist against Liverpool? I get the point on assists (and sometimes the opposite happens when you get one with little work or an astonishing finish like Ings), but Redmond has played enough game to have got more.

    Though you are getting a bit silly comparing Armstrong to Redmond. This is from March, can't be bothered to update it. Takes their entire Saints career. Done by minutes, as appearances can be very misleading if a player keeps coming off the bench and another always plays 90. 

    Redmond- 11,841'- 19 goals, 13 assists

    Armstrong- 4,886'- 11 goals, 8 assists

    Che Adams - 3,020'- 8 goals, 7 assists

    Danny Ings - 6,158' - 37 goals, 8 assists

    Shane Long - 9,339' - 27 goals, 20 assists

    Djenepo- 1,963' - 3 goals, 2 assists

    Tadic- 9,617'- 21 goals, 30 assists

    Charlie Austin- 3,157'- 16 goals, 3 assists

    Gabbiadini- 2,271'- 10 goals, 0 assists

    Obafemi- 813'- 4 goals, 3 assists

    Boufal - 3,072' - 3 goals, 4 assists

    I was just making a comparison for this season, Redmond gets caned but Armstrong gets plaudits and there is little between them stat wise. Sorry the Bournemouth one was in the cup, I know in the Ings goal he palyed a part but cant recall what he did, come to think of it he was praised for blocking a Liverpool defender

  13. 33 minutes ago, sydney_saint said:

    I really disagree here. My judgement on Redmond is based on the the five seasons he has been here.  I think it is far more knee jerk for people to think he's good because he curls a shot marginally wide, or hammers a championship opponent. Over a large sample of time, his output has been really poor.

    The Bournemouth game was presented as 'Redmond is back, watch how good he is with confidence!'. Since then he has added a goal and 2 assists in 7 EPL games, and managed to stand out as extra poor in amongst a bunch of poor players in the FA Cup Semi-Final. 

    But actually, I think a telling indicator of his level is where he gets the goals and assists. Bearing in mind, his output is already low to begin with, he is mainly doing better against the poorer sides (all goals and assists from EPL)


    His numbers this season would be okay if he was a nipper. But he is now a 27 year old footballer with over 150 appearances for us, and over 200 EPL appearances. He is not going to suddenly kick on from here.  I would love to see someone like Djenepo be given a run around. Maybe he's not good enough either, but he deserves his chance. Tella obviously as well. 

    I notice the figures above, it says no goals v Bournemouth!! I thought he was part of Ings goal V Liverpool. Assists are fine if they find an in form goalscorer who scores but assists are not shown if the attempt is missed, that does skew the stats. Messi would get no assists some seasons with the profligate goalscorers we have had (Apart from Danny)

    Im not pitting one player against another but as with all stats you can pick and choose but whilst SA could be said to have better stats they are not a lot different ( Nathan has had 4 less games)

    Nathan Redmond Statistics | Premier League 

    Stuart Armstrong Statistics | Premier League

    Both are integral IMo but perhaps I have a more balanced view than some ( or wrong)

  14. 1 minute ago, Charlie Wayman said:

    You've been around long enough to know that our players are only allowed one poor game before the abuse kicks in. Diallo is the latest target. There is no way back for Redmond. Only Forster has managed to retrieve some measure of respect but he had to leave for a couple of years to do so.

    Sadly you are correct. Whatever he does they will hide back into the their shell and when a chance comes they come back in force to spit their bile. I havent seen the Diallo stuff but that just shows how dense some are. I still recall the disagreements I had with fans over MLT !!! who said he was a luxury player etc etc, that was before he really hit his vein of form,the same can be said of Crouch, fans wont have it but he was booed as he used to come on for us!! Shame there isnt the posts from Saintsforever? the former forum to this where you can see the numbskulls saying how bad he was.

  15. I also note that listening to the brilliant Totalsaints podcast ( if you dont listen you really should, and also become a Patron) one of the contributors who also does a fantastic blog, gave Nathan 1 out of 10 for the Fulham game. Totally unwarranted when he gave Minamino 3. Its fine to have an opinion, but to be so warped and unfair is very wrong.

    We need to be balanced with criticism and not kick one of our squad so viciously.

  16. Im still a fan of Nathan and feel he gets unjustly criticised by fans. He curled in a shot the other day, the keeper dived to save it and pushed it away, fans said he should have scored 5 minutes later an almost same shot was done by one of the fans favourites and it was oooooo unlucky.

    Whilst I agree he can infuriate, he still is involved in many chances we create. After the game Saturday I was listening to Solent and Blackmore said that he said Nathan didnt have a good game but not having an overlapping full back made his life difficult as his options were reduced.

    Anyway Im still delighted he is playing for us and hope it carries on.

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