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  1. Worst refereeing decision 2016/17

    Has Tim Robinson, the ref who yesterday booked Luton player Cameron McGeehan for pounding the ground in pain/frustration after having his leg broken by Michael Doyle of Pompey, put himself in pole...
  2. :D Haha! Yes, that bit we got! Plus point - it...

    :D Haha! Yes, that bit we got! Plus point - it doesn't leak, I guess!!
  3. 16/17 Black Saints Water Bottle

    Has anyone got one? Bought one for my 10 year old son today & neither one of us can get a drop of water from it! Anyone else had any issues with one or is it simply we're too useless to even use a...
  4. Spanish side Leganes trial scratch & sniff badge...

    Can't see this catching on elsewhere! Although could there be some amusing suggestions, if Pompey were to introduce...
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