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Thread: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

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    Default Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    Thinking about getting one of these to replace my Octavia VRS - any thoughts?

    Never thought I would consider buying an Alfa but I can't find anyone with a bad thing to say about it!

    I was thinking of getting a Maserati Ghibli but when looking at the specs next to each other it doesn't come out very well at all.

    Anyone got one?

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    There's a v8 version of the Jaguar XE at similar price point and performance you might also want to look at.

    Or, play it safe and get an M3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesaint sfc View Post
    ... I can't find anyone with a bad thing to say about it!
    Every other Alfa sold in this country has experienced epic depreciation so it may well prove more expensive in the longer term than a 'duller' choice such as an M3/M4 or Merc E63.

    Otherwise fill your boots, as they look and sound excellent.

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    Alfa UK are running track days once a month for interested buyers. Your local dealer should be able to sign you up.

    The Pistonheads forum is worth a look for feedback from new owners.

    Love to hear what decision you make!

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    Just one comment about Alfas in general. Assuming you want a manual, they clutch can be heavy. May not seem a problem but in heavy traffic it can be a problem depending my on your age and fitness.

    I had to get rid of my Alfa after 8 months just for this reason. It was "doing my hip in"!!.

    But maybe the newer cars are better these days.

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    I had an Alfa a few years ago, 08 plate at the time. Decent drive but as someone who has had a lot of cars, this one had more niggles and minor issues than most of the others combined.


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