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Thread: Top 5 Priorities for Hasenhüttl

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    Can we rename this thread to "Top 5 pledges..."

    I can't take it seriously otherwise.

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    Get on the blower to Lezpig... Werner, Upa, and Bruma will do to start with.

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    1. Defending.
    2. Defending.
    3. Finishing.
    4. Fitness
    5. Concentration for the full 90 mins.

    Our generally play, certainly from a build up/creating chances aspect has been decent, much better than teams around us IMO who most of the time look dreadful, but our defending is woeful and we are not putting our chances away, as last night showed.

    BBC has Lloris for MoM last night for his key saves, plus we hit the woodwork multiple times, that is a good sign against a good Spurs team, but at the same time we gifted them easy chances through poor defensive play and that is the worry.

    I still think our organisation and defending as a team has been poor, largely down to the manager, this has then exposed and put pressure on our centre-backs, who have then made silly and avoidable errors. An example for me is Vestergaard against Utd on Saturday, he goes charging out of position to win a ball he was never going to get and that left us exposed. That is not a failure in ability, this is a player who was a good player in a good league and all the reports about him said he had good positioning and had awareness about his lack of pace but read the game well. So why would a player like that suddenly go charging out of defence? IMO because he's been in and out of the team, is desperate to make an impression and has no real faith in the players around him or in the team's shape/discipline to do the job so he thinks he has to go do it himself.

    Plus as we have seen we cannot hold onto a lead, it has become such an issue that the players themselves have lost faith in their ability to do it which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. He has to somehow change that.

    If we can become more solid, get Ings back on the pitch fit we'll concede less and score more, which should be enough to start picking up more points than those around use. The likes of Burnley, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Cardiff, etc. IMO look far more ordinary as attacking/midfield outlets, but they also look more disciplined, solid, hard working and less leaky at the back. Fulham look like another version of us with similar issues, in that they have good attacking play but concede far too many. If we can become more solid as a team defensively and still keep creating the chances we have then we will get up the table as I can't see those teams around us scoring enough goals.

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    A settled team would be good, but we need to know that the players have been well coached so that whoever comes into the team due to suspension or injury will be able to step in and play their part. I just hope the squad are good enough to take on his ideas and improve individually and collectively.

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    1) Get the team fit. It’s abundantly clear that they are not as fit as they could or should be.
    2) Find a way of grinding out a win or two - we just can’t hold a lead currently.
    3) Find a formation and line up he likes and stick with it.
    4) Assuming we stay up (not a given) he needs to sort the wheat from the chaff and try and get the misfits **** of in the summer. We have a big squad of averageness, need a cull of the dead wood - if we can get them shifted.
    5) Please get us some home wins!!

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    1. use hypnosis to persuade someone to take Forster off our hands...
    2. use hypnosis to persuade someone to take Forster off our hands...
    3. use hypnosis to persuade someone to take Forster off our hands...
    4. use hypnosis to persuade someone to take Forster off our hands...
    5. use hypnosis to persuade someone to take Forster off our hands... it working yet?


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