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    Anyone able to comment on the possibility that when Barr built the stadium, as well as preparing the foundations of some part of the stadium for expansion they also allowed for the introduction of safe standing.

    I think the latter is probably unlikely but you never know.

    However there seems to be a general move towards a limited introduction of safe standing.

    If so, anyone know what the additional ratio is of the seating to safe standing ratio is?

    I am sure I read somewhere it is in the region 1:1.6 but seems rather high.

    Still the possible capacity gain at SMS is a bit incidental atm I guess.

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    Having 'stood' at St Mary's many times I can't see it being an issue just to replace the present seats with rail seating, I would imagine it's basically as it is now but with a rail/bar across the back of the seat. And that's why I can't see it having any bearing on capacity, surely a rail seat will take up just about the exact same space?

    Tottenham have already installed 7,000 rail seats in their new stadium (5,000 in the home end, 2,000 in the away)

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    Maybe we can finally dig up that P*mpey gear when we undertake construction on the stadium. THEN we might win the Champs League.


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