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Thread: Ben Stokes is Superman, the umpires are cr@p

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    Default Ben Stokes is Superman, the umpires are cr@p

    The thread title says it all. ( Thank goodness for a very poor umpiring decision, and a very poor Australian review in the over before it ).

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    Amazing, just amazing. Headingley 1981 and now 2019. That knock is up there with Botham’s in 81 and maybe even better. That, just weeks after winning the WC with another one in a lifetime knock. We know where BBC Sports Personality 2019 is going!

    Shout out to Taunton’s finest, becoming an England cult hero. Brilliant debut from Archer too. Jimmy might be fit.

    Top order needs a sort out, Sisley and Lawrence in now please to give Stokes, Burns and Root some support. Buttler is superb in ODI and T20 but but him, Bairstow and Stokes in one line up in Tests is too much.

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    Was listening to it in the garden on TMS on the wireless. God knows what my neighbours were thinking! Permission to breath again please!

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    That was ****ing incredible. Botham got me into cricket with that legendary innings against Oz back in the early 80's. That topped it. Ben Stokes you utter legend.

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    Amazing dayís play. Pressure seemed to get to Aussies, with crazy review and Lyonís fumble the main culprits. Their bowlers didnít bowl particularly well at Leach and their were a couple of half chances missed.

    Defo in my top 3 endings alongside Bob Willis bowling them out in Bothamís test & the 2005 win at Edgbaston.

    Quite remarkable innings, never thought Iíd see Bothamís 149 matched, but today was right up there.

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    If the Sun don't run the headline, 'Jack and the Ben Stokes' I'll be disappointed. Amazing innings.


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