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Thread: Transfer window deadline - At a disadvantage with European clubs

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    Default Transfer window deadline - At a disadvantage with European clubs

    Few points iíve noticed over the last couple of transfer windows where we brought forward the end of the window before start of the season:
    -Sell first before you buy policy handicaps us as had we known that we were loaning out for sure Hoedt Lemina Carrillo and Forster, we could have brought in another defensive midfielder as wages have been freed up
    -European clubs have a negociating advantage over as english market is closed and they know they no longer have no english clubs in competition for signings. They are going to do most of they dealings in august meaning this also impacts our in especially if we have european players for sell.
    Plus we get desperate to get them off the wage bill and likely to accept a deal we would never have accepted at the end of the british transfer window (Lemina- Wolves Galatasaray)

    All european leagues should set a date of end of July to end their transfer windows to have an equal footing.

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    Yep. Europe needs to agree on a date before all the top European leagues start to end the transfer window. Tottenham had to start the season without Eriksen and Vertonghen amidst speculation over their future and as much as Spurs are a nasty club, that isn't right and at least the early closure has stopped that from happening on a domestic front as it was a lot more frequent beforehand (See Wanyama and Van Dijk for us.)

    To be fair nothing actually happened in the early stages of the last transfer window, so it will also kill a lot of the dead time.

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    I prefer the current approach of uk window to shut before the season starts. At least it minimizes domestic destabilizing.
    Ideally Europe would match or move closer but its not crucial imo.
    Saints getting themselves in a bind with so much trash most aren’t 8nterested in till last minute is our own fault.

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    The Premier League (and Championship) brought their Transfer window date forward exactly to ensure transfers would be completed before the end of the season, this was on the expectation that the other European FAs would follow suit, at least in closing the window before the start of their season (even if it was a week or so after us). But they didn't. So yes PL/Championship is at a disadvantage. As a result Pl?Championship are looking to move it back again next season. Shame, because it was the right thing to do, but it needs to be agreed across all (European) leagues to work.

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    It was brought forward to stop the top clubs in England unsettling players at lower clubs, now they're moaning about top clubs in Europe unsettling theres. Can't move it back as you'd have exactly the same situation just with domestic transfers.


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