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Use the optimism..get to the B'rum game !

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Good game that, some guy was so happy when BWP made it 4-2 that he decided to punch me in the stomach.


Sure he just didn't like you??


Hell of a game that one, midweek, freezing cold but the result warmed us all up..tense last 10 mins as well IIRC.


Didn't that Arsenal laddy on load score a couple??

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With the breath of fresh air that seems to be sweeping this board what would be better than a decent crowd on 16th August v Birmingham to show that we kept the faith..


Come on you Saints


Ever heard of WACO

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If they start getting anywhere near a good crowd they'll open those corners so quickly you won't even have time to take a breath.


agreed but what happens if they sell 22k tickets and then get 4k walk ups on match days, where do the stewards etc come from

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the last time we played them in the CCC at home we won 4-3 in one hell of a game........i'l be there and i hope for a repeat!


Ah yes- that was the first time I got over to a match at St.Marys! What a game that was, one I wont forget in a hurry. I remember Brum nearly clinched an equaliser in the final minute too! The 2nd match I got to was the defeat to Colchester at home so that brought me back down to earth fairly lively...


I'd happily settle for 4 points out of the first 3 games. I have a good feeling bout it too!

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