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Jacko needs to STFU

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I can't work out whether you are joking or not :rolleyes:


No, seriously, I can't work out if he's taking the **** or not :smt102


I suspect that Rallyboy has a very droll sense of humour. Fair play to him as well.

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I have been assured by people he is a fantacist. Whether he is we wont know for sure unless he is asked to come up with the goods. Fry may just be using him to give others the hurry up, but if Pinnalce and the Swiss do not come forward we have to hope he is indeed the real deal.I dont think we can afford to say the fans dont want him here, beggars cannot be choosers.


I agree with you nick. Pinnacle as of yet haven't come up with the goods so lets not cut the ropes to the safety net just yet. Dont know much about mj apart from heresay on the forum but i assume he must of provided proof of funds. Even so please pinnacle get it done!!!!

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Perhaps this Goon's damage has been done...
dont be so ridiculous, TL would know if he is serious or not. If he is not it would make no difference and the takeover has not been stopped by a few quotes it is the FL and them not signing unless there are no points penalty
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