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Back in the real world

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Ok..I admit it, I too was convinced beyond all doubt of our 'several hundred million' backer... I was hopeful for the first time since we entered admin that we might through a bit of good fortune at last come out the other end a leaener but meaner machine able to compete and with a united fanbase...


But back in the real world, it appears that TLs bid was built like a house of cards - and that thsi whole issue of -10 points appeal was a an excuse - no wonder TL has been working flat out on this deal - it would appear he's been working flat out to get teh funding because whatever arguments put forward there is SIMPLY NO JUSTIFICATION on earth for putting -10 points ahead of the survival of the club and a fresh start..NONE whatsoever - its an excuse because when they needed to hand over the cash, like old mother hubbards poor wee hound, they discovered the cupboard was bare and have been desperatly trying to find suitable funds ....iMHO of course..


So what else in hindsights looks odd with this deal? Obviously there is the question of the 'unknown backer' or perahps they had not been confirmed? Why choose MLT as chairman - AFTER he the bid has been launched? Has MLT anything to offer as a chairman or was this nice fan friendly rhetoric again - MLT is a legend, bband is welcomed back at teh club in a role, but as chairman? sorry, not enough experience for that.


Then we have the issue of the deposit... if someone is worth several 100 mill why teh ned for CRouch to alledgedly supply teh deposit?


MOre questions than answers at this stage really....

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