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46ca209ff5822d461a486bc772f1a927_normal.jpegEmma Judd@pn_Emma_Judd


That's it. Deal's done. Papers have been signed finally. Pompey will become the biggest community owned club in history! #PLAYUPPOMPEY!!!!




Yes, apart from, well, most of the Bundesliga, and those small provincial clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, but hey, why let facts get in the way?


As an aside, Exeter City's supporters trust has - according to its website - over 2750 members.

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Right, time for the PDT to show the colour of the money and convert those £100 pledges into £1000 shares.


Because nobody did it for a wind-up, did they? :suspicious:


im going to miss Balram Chanrai... although im going to love the new skate era.


McInnes strutting about reminding staff whos in charge and who pays the wages... I suspect they will end up with about a dozen board members all looking to draw a six figure salary/expense account... the infighting is going to be delicious.


I look forward to this years health and safety inspection, and another six figure bill.


So long Balram, although I suspect we may hear from you again.

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So do we know yet if Chinny can appeal? Has that information been made public. And I thought this hearing was determine whether or not they can buy the ground. Who is to say that a better offer won't come to buy THE CLUB? Hard to believe, I know....


Reading between the lines, I think the judge ordered them to amend the agreement between BDO and Portpin to close the appeal 'loophole'...

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acf259c9-fcdb-4488-be11-f4fe8a9acf93_normal.pngNeil Allen ‏@pn_neil_allen56s

Plenty of tears here and deservedly so. Round of applause greeted the judge’s decision. The fans own #Pompey


Erm....Has the property developer dropped out then...?




Bury are in pretty serious financial trouble... the skates on POL are trying to work out how they can benefit from this clubs demise


The killer is cash flow - they are saying that they don't have enough to continue to run the club and honour outstanding contracts & liabilities. In that scenario - liquidation is the more probable.


Absolutely staggering hypocrisy... PMSL

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