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Billy Sharp ' Saints deal wasn't right'

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RIP to his son and fair play to billy for playing, his attidue and his passion as well as his talent is why i would love him here at st marys, i feel now though he may stay at donny till the end of the season after this sad story, seems as though they are showing all the support he deserves at this time in his life.

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"A goal from heaven" was the headline that attracted me to the article and the news.


How terribly sad. Total respect to Billy and of course my condolences at such a sad loss.


A second article summed it up very well.




Strip away the nonsense and the agents and the leverage deals and the player unrest and petty name calling and football is still, it seems, a sport of the people. And some good people. Like Billy Sharp. Whose boots Carlos Tévez isn't fit to clean.

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