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Preston Build up

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Gonna be tough tonight. They aren't pushovers and have a very good side.


We won't see their 1st team tonight, it will be a tie against the squad players from a League One team. Phil Brown has confirmed Preston will be fielding a reserve side tonight, as they did in previous rounds. For example against Charlton in round two they made 8 changes from there previous league game. Charlton made 10 chances in that game and was described by Brown as the "battle of the squads". Saint's squad players should see off Preston's easily... (we hope)

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De ridder







Bench of:







Be surprised if the team is much different to the one that played against Swindon, sounds like Jaidi in for Seaborne and maybe Chaplow on from the start instead of Cork (Bart, Richardson, Martin, Jaidi, Harding, Holmes, Spiderman, Chappers, Lallana, Guly & Forte). 7 subs tonight not 5, expect to see at least 3 youngsters on the bench again, hopefully we will be doing better so that we can actually get them on the pitch and not have to rely on bringing Lambert, Hammo and Fonte on again. Personally I would start de Ridder instead of Forte, who quite honestly does not seem good enough for the current team based on his statues impression at the Swindon game.

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Interesting line up.


10 changes.

Only 6 changes from last round though, one of which was enforced, one of which wouldn't have been a change if Chaplow had not been suspended before. We will struggle up front, hope Reeves is up for it because otherwise we will be relying on the statue formerly known as Forte, hopefully NA will have told him that he needs to add movement to his game. So much for Jaidi playing.

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I like that line up. Good luck to the boy Reeves, good chance for him with the support he'll get on the wings. Could see goals tonight perhaps.


I don't, looks seriously under powered in attack to me. Expect us to go behind and then send on the real front men.

Then again any Saints side with Dickson in it always gives me the shudders.

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