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Buy / Sell Rules - PLEASE READ

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This forum is intended for you list any items you have for sale, within the following rules.


- Any tickets of any type (football, concert etc) MUST be listed as face value only (or less). Any listing of tickets for more than face value will be removed and the user warned.


- If you are listing items you have for sale on ebay, please keep all items within the same post, do not start new posts for each item.


- Do not list your personal details on the forum, such as your address or mobile telephone number.


- Any *joke* sales, such as "Player for sale* will be removed and the user suspended, you have been warned!


- As with any of the forum rules, we reserve the right to update / add new rules at our discretion without warning.


- When listing items on a 3rd party site such as ebay, you must either provide a description next to the URL in your listing so people have an idea what the items are without clicking on each url, or alternatively you can provide a single url to your "Items currently listed" on ebay without a description.


- Whilst we are happy for you to list an item as "Make me an offer" this is not acceptable if you plan to list many items. You may list up to two items without the price you are looking for, after this you must provide a "guide price".


- Only one thread per sale. If you create a thread selling an item which doesn't get any/much interest; improve on the thread you already have rather than creating a duplicate thread.

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