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Game week 24 was won by 'Saints and Winners' - please could the owner of this team contact me as per the instructions on the forum of the Power Mortgages League.


Guys, a lot of you who are in the Saints Forum league have joined the Power Mortgages and there are about 5 or 6 of you who have won gift vouchers but haven't given us your contact details so I haven't been able to send them out to you. Please, if you are in the league, go to the forum in the league (on the fantasy football site click the 'league' tab then select the Power Mortgages league, in this league at the top there is the 'forum' tab, click on that and check the 'weekly winners' and 'monthly winners' threads.


You could have £10 or £20 in gift vouchers waiting for you!


Even if you haven't won, please email me your team name and contact details so I can send gift vouchers out straight away when you have won... it's becoming a bit of a pain trying to chase people who haven't given their contact details, you're losing out on free gift vouchers!



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