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Lallana stats?

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I'm having a bit of a row on another forum with an arrogant ***** scouse fan who thinks lallana isn't really that good. Anyone know any good stat sites where I can compare him to someone else, like Hazard for instance?

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Lallana vs Coutinho in 2013/14 in the Premier League


Lallana has...


- more goals

- higher pass accuracy

- more aerial duels won per game

- more interceptions per game

- blocked more shots per game

- more dribbles per game

- more crosses per game

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Nice. How much did they pay for Coutinho?


I wouldn't look at it that way as it isn't relevant as it isn't his stats from before joining Liverpool. Coutinho is already a Liverpool player and his stats are whilst at Liverpool playing with Suarez/Sturridge etc. I'd ask how much he thinks Coutinho is now worth, because Lallana has outperformed him in many ways.

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