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Leasing vs Buying a new car?

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Just wondering what experiences people have had in regards to getting a new car.


Looking to sell my current car for £5/6k and upgrading to a Mercedes A-Class.


Anyone got any advice whether leasing or buying is better?


Don't have the capital to go out and buy outright, so if I was to buy, i'd require a bank loan, and always a bit sceptical about that. Leasing looks like a decent idea from what I can see?


Cheers in advance - sure there are a few people who have leased in the past or have any experience in getting new wheels!

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I've bought 4 "demonstrators" from main dealers. Up to 6 months old, up to 5,000 miles and up to 35% discount on price. Never had a problem, all good as new.


Compare a bank loan for that against a new lease.


A Class merc, I assume it's for your wife

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With leasing its best to take whatever is the hot deal at the time rather than a specific car. Leasing rates dont only depend on the price of the car or the resale value, but can be heavily discounted to leasers by manufacturers as a way to shift stock without having to undercut the dealer price. The total cost of a three year deal (no repairs no road tax) can be as little as a quarter of the dealer price of buying new. You'd never be able to sell a three year old car for 75% of the purchase price.


The Skoda Yeti, Honda CRV and Vauxhall Astra are three I like atm.




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