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Police targetting the wealthy?

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I had this e-mail recently so I thought that I would post it on here to see what you think.


"Hi ***


We had an interesting message from BTST Member Rob Lund over the weekend.


He claims to have proof that Police in Worcester are specifically targeting

Motorists who are financially well off.


Over to Rob...


From Rob Lund:

I have solid proof the police target people with money.


Here in Worcester there are two sections of a place called Warndon.


One section is the original council estate and the other is called, ‘New

Warndon Villages’, which is one of the most affluent areas in the city.


The original council estate has speed humps, or 'sleeping policemen', but

no speed traps of any kind.


The New Warndon Villages don’t have speed humps at all.


They have speed traps of various types!


What does that tell you?


In the original council area, there are a lot of people who don't have

much money, are on benefits, cars not taxed etc.


So, when they get caught, they have no money to pay the fines.


In the ‘New Warndon Villages’, they do have money and that’s why they

target that area with speed traps, because they know they have

the money to pay the fines!


- Rob


It does seem on the face of it that Rob has a point.


Does anything similar to this happen in your area?

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So the wealthy population of New Warden Village spend their time driving around the village they live in?


Funny really because I tend to use my car and roads to get to places where I don't live. Maybe that's just me.


The three times I've been done by a speed camera I was 30 mins, a hour, and five hours away from my own front door.

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Maybe the 'middle class' area is occupied by people who complain about speed humps and other traffic calming measures, so their mates the Councillors don't put them in.

As ECUK says, if you don't speed they can't catch you.

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