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Subaru and Honda issue recalls for faulty AEB tech

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I realise that these are cars sold in Australia but I wonder IF any in the U.K. will also have the same fault and have to be recalled?



Subaru is recalling more than 5000 of its latest Outback wagon and Liberty sedan models equipped with its “Eyesight” system that uses two cameras

behind the windscreen to scan the road ahead.

A statement from Subaru said: “The (Eyesight) system may not operate as intended in an emergency braking situation (where the driver has failed to

apply the brake), or may fail to properly engage the brakes when the vehicle has been placed in (automatic cruise control) mode. This is due to a software

programming issue.”


Meanwhile Honda Australia is recalling more than 2000 examples of its latest Accord sedan and CR-V that are equipped with similar automatic emergency

braking technology.

Rather alarmingly, in the case of the Honda fault, the automatic braking system can be activated when it is not supposed to.

“In rare cases, the system may interpret certain roadside objects, such as metal fences or guardrails, as obstacles and apply emergency braking.”


The full story is here:-



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