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Sky Sports 1 on Virgin Media

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Anybody else experiencing problems trying to watch football on SS1. Virgin Media do not support Sky Sports HD so have to watch it on the normal Sky Sports Channel but watching the Liverpool v Bompey game last night the picture seemed to change in the second half and was like watching a satellite programme from the 1970's when it was showing long distance but seemed ok close up. I am not sure if this is a problem with Virgin Media or my TV, I recently purchased a 4K LG TV and not experienced any problems with it.

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Virgin do do the Skysports HD, but sky insist that Virgin customers must pay extra for the privilege (about 7 quid a month).


They provide Virgin a shocking feed to try and get people to pay the extra.



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Yeah, I happened upon that "SD" picture on Virgin for the Liverpool match last night, it was almost as bad as the block-pixellated cack ITV Sport used to have for pre-HD, post-analogue, broadcasts in 2005.

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