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Mazda 6 saloon (2015)

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Anyone got one? Do you like it?


I was considering a Jaguar XE, which is a cracking drive, but am now considering the Mazda 6 SE-L as a more economically sensible option (it's about 30% cheaper).


I've driven the diesel engined one and I thought it was good fun with a proper bite to it so am increasingly tempted as Mazda currently offer 0% finance (Jag around 4%) and the guy in the showroom seemed pretty desperate to do the deal so I could hopefully get a decent discount on top.


Any thoughts on the car gratefully received!

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I decided to go for the Mazda. Got a good deal.


For an equivalently equipped BMW or Merc I would be looking at another £10k at least. It's really not worth it for a badge and personally I think the 6 is a better looking car than a 3 series or a C class. I still like the XE but, again, it would come in several thousand more and probably be less reliable. Performance is a bit better but not much in it.


Hopefully I like it as much as you like the 3!

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