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Wesley Hoedt - Official: Loan to Lazio + Option

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On 19/10/2020 at 00:24, Suhari said:

Which does make me smirk. How does Boufal fit in any way with Puels approach to footie?!

Most managers like the idea of .......signing someone they know of ...or, who had played for them ....or they tried to sign before... 

Many times it's a disaster ... Pochettino signed Osvaldo ..  and Carrillo persuaded us to sign Carrillo....(!)

Koeman did a great job with his " Dutch" signings ... (not all Dutch)  but he knew them from their time in Holland....

but Puel (in interview) said that he knew of  Boufal from the French league and was glad to have him in the Saints side....

I'm just glad that Mark Hughes wasn't with us long enough for him to be allowed to sign some of his " veterans " ...

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On 20/10/2020 at 18:02, Ted Bates Statue said:

I recall Danny Ings was classified as a Mark Hughes panic buy, back when we were all speculating as to how we could wriggle out of the obligation to buy.

Yep. And I thought he was an expensive, crappy signing that we should never have made.

I may have been somewhat mistaken.

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