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PCP, HP, Lease or Loan?

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Potentially looking at getting a new car. Likely to be a nearly new/used car unless I can find a ridiculously good deal for a new car. Current car (2010 BMW 120d) is probably worth about £5k, so likely to need some assistance to fund said new car.


Wondering what other people can advise on what is best for these different options?


And if anyone has any recommendations for which cars to look at given I'm a 29 year old single male, only requirement is to be able to fit golf clubs + trolley in!


Currently been thinking about getting a new 1 series, 2 series or Merc C class...

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2 series - why? BMW seem to be trying to solve a need that isn't there, really don't see the attraction.

merc C Class - had one - it was awful. Like driving a tank, sluggish pulling out of junctions, poorly equipped inside.

BMW One series - The best of a pretty woeful 3, decent enough but pretty dull and uninspiring.


If you aren't bothered about owning a car then lease, provided you're not to fussed about what you get. You can get some amazingly good deals leasing, a lot of the guys at out work use nationwide vehicle contracts. If you're looking at a c class then you might as well pay the extra £50-£75 or so a month and upgrade to a E class coupe, far superior car, as I mentioned, I wasn't impressed by the C Class I had. Pluses of leasing, it's a brand new car, you wont be stung be depreciation, and you don't have to worry if anything goes wrong with it. Minuses you'll never own it, you're essentially renting it. Be realistic about your mileage and be aware that you If you scuff up the alloys or get any dents or scratches then you could be liable for the cost when you hand it back.


I'm seriously considering leasing next as I can get a decent car allowance from work so it doesn't cost me any money out of my salary, in fact if I get a decent enough deal i'll actually make a couple of hundred quid a month. However I've would always say the best thing you can do in terms of cost effective which is depending on your mileage is get a 4 loan out and buy a car 2-3 years old. It's already done the bulk of it's deprecation by then and if you're mileage is low enough (c10k per year or below) in 3 years time it will only have depreciated by another 20-25% of what you paid for it, meaning you'll be better off in your pocket. My current car is an A5, brilliant car, great drive, looks good, quick for it's size, very comfortable. New price c£38k, can pick one up now 2 years old with lower mileage than mine has for C£22k. Add another 30k miles on you'll still be able to get £13-£16k for it. Clear off the remainder of the loan and you'll have about £8k left over to put down on your next one. Bingo.


One more tip, if you want to remain single carry on only worrying about getting golf clubs in the back of your motor, if you want to get a laid then try not to play so much, I don't mind a bit of golf now and again but most people who play a lot are incredibly dull people, who spend far too much time playing it and even more time boring everyone about it FFS. the only hole a 29 year old single lad should be thinking about putting into is the available ones on the courses on a Saturday night, there is plenty of time to clear off for the day with your golf pals when you're married with kids.

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Cheers - have given a load of different cars a thought and still no closer to knowing what I want...


Thought about potentially the Golf GTE. Might have a look at the A5 also. Don't really want a diesel as only ever had them - fancy a change.


Have done a bit of research and although leasing does seem to be a really good option, a few people have mentioned about getting a loan and paying it off that way.

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I have had my last three vehicles on PCP. Provided that you are happy with the payments it is a good way of getting a brand new car every 3 years or so. The problem comes when you stop....you have to find the balloon payment. I had to do this last year when I retired....but I knew it was coming! My last car was a Nissan Qashqai +2. I loved it. Had it for 5 years with no problems whatsoever. When I decided to change at the end of last year I spent a lot of time looking for something different but eventually went back to Nissan and bought a Qashqai 1.6 Dig-T Tekna Plus. Fabulous car....loads of technology....absolutely love It!


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I’m looking at a new car, been looking at jaguars. I’ve had Audi’s, bmws and Mercs for the last few cars but was looking for something different. I was amazed what you can get for your money, c£20k gets you a nice one year old EX or EF sport, look nice. Anyone owned one? My company have very strict policies when it comes to cars not allowed to be any older than 3 years old when you buy it, no older than 5 years old then it has to go, so quite limiting as to what you can buy.

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