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[USA] - Saints v Borussia Monchengladbach on ESPN3

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10AM ET Sat Aug 4.


Saints v Borussia Monchengladbach is live on ESPN3.com (the free one - not ESPN+ that is subscription).


I see the Charity Shield is on ESPN+. The Champions League & Europa League are now going to be on B/R Streaming (also subscription). League cup mostly on ESPN+. The FA Cup is TBC.


It hasn't taken too long for them to now start fleecing people as much as possible when it comes to streams.


We may look back fondly on paying $50 a year to see every Saints game on a mixture of TV & NBC Gold stream...


Anyway - currently joint top. We're gonna win the league.

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Just saw that on ESPN site re: tomorrow.


Champions League will have 4 games live on TNT/TBS/Tru which likely will be the English, plus Barcelona, Real Madrid etc just like Fox was.


But it is concerning the number of streaming packages you need now to get what used to be more readily available.


I did sign up a few months ago for ESPN+ - think it was because they had England cricket at the start of the summer and that has now moved to Willow. There won't be many willing to pay for all of the services.

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