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Saints Programmes, Fanzines & CD

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Having a clear out, prefer these to go as a bundle just to make life easier, all in good condition, can deliver within 10 miles of SO32 2PE and can post at buyers cost. Looking for £25


1972 Tuesday 4th April Saints Vs. Man City


1982 Wednesday 15th September UEFA CUP 1st Round 1st Leg Saints Vs. IFK Norköpping

1982 Saturday 18th September Saints Vs. Man Utd.

1982 Saturday 2nd October Saints Vs. Notts County

1982 Saturday 16th October Saints Vs. West Ham Utd.

1982 Saturday 30th October Saints Vs. Everton

1982 Saturday 13th November Saints Vs. Nottingham Forest

1982 Saturday 20th November Saints Vs. Ipswich

1982 Wednesday 24th November Milk Cup 3rd Round Reply Saints Vs. Man City

1982 Saturday 4th December Saints Vs. Stoke City

1982 Saturday 18th December Saints Vs. West Brom

1982 Saturday 28th December Saints Vs. Arsenal

1983 Saturday 15th January Saints Vs. Coventry

1983 Saturday 5th February Saints Vs. Norwich City

1983 Saturday 19th February Saints Vs. Sunderland

1983 Saturday 5th March Saints Vs. Swansea

1983 Saturday 19th March Saints Vs. Man City

1983 Saturday 5th April Saints Vs. Brighton

1983 Saturday 16th April Saints Vs. Liverpool

1983 Saturday 30th April Saints Vs. Luton Town

1983 Tuesday 3rd May Saints Vs. Spurs

1983 Saturday 14th May Saints Vs. Birmingham


1991 Saturday 19th January Saints Vs. Nottingham Forest

1991 Monday 25th February FA Cup 5th Round Saints Vs. Nottingham Forest

1991 Monday 1st April Saints Vs. Liverpool


1992 Saturday 12th December Saints Vs. Coventry City


1994 Saturday 26th February Saints Vs. Wimbledon

1994 Saturday 19th March Saints Vs. Arsenal

1994 Wednesday 30th March Saints Vs. Oldham Athletic


1994 Saturday 1st October Saints Vs. Ipswich Town

1994 Saturday 8th October Saints Vs. Everton

1994 Saturday 15th October Leicester City Vs. Saints

1995 Saturday 7th January FA Cup Saints Vs. Southend

1995 Wednesday 5th April Saints Vs. Liverpool


2000 Saturday 12th August FRIENDLY Saints Vs. Real Sociedad

2000 Saturday 16th September Saints Vs. Newcastle United

2000 Saturday 30th September Saints Vs. Middelesborough

2000 Saturday 4th November Saints Vs. Chelsea

2000 Saturday 18th November Saints Vs. Aston Villa

2000 Saturday 25th November Saints Vs. West Ham

2000 Saturday 30th December Saints Vs. Derby County

2001 Saturday 6th January Saints Vs. Sheffield United

2001 Saturday 13th January Saints Vs. Charlton Athletic

2001 Saturday 20th January Spurs Vs. Saints

2001 Saturday 27th January Saints Vs. Sheffield Wednesday

2001 Wednesday 31st January Saints Vs. Leicester City

2001 Saturday 10th February Saints Vs. Bradford City

2001 Saturday 17th February FA CUP Saints Vs. Tranmere Rovers

2001 Saturday 19th May LAST LEAGUE GAME AT THE DELL - Saints Vs. Arsenal


2001 Saturday 25th August Saints Vs. Chelsea

2001 Wednesday 24th October Saints Vs. Ipswich Town

2001 Saturday 24th November Saints Vs. Charlton Athletic

2001 Wednesday 26th December Saints Vs. Spurs

2002 Wednesday 9th January Saints Vs. Liverpool

2002 Wednesday 6th March Saints Vs. Middlesborough

2002 Saturday 30th March Saints Vs. Fulham

2002 Saturday 20th April Saints Vs. Everton

2002 Saturday 11th May Saints Vs. Newcastle - Matt Le Tissier Farewell


2002 Saturday 17th August Saints Vs. Middlesborough

2002 Sunday 27th October Saints Vs. Fulham

2002 Saturday 7th December Saints Vs. Birmingham

2003 Saturday 25th January FA CUP Saints Vs. Millwall


2003 Wednesday 24th September UEFA Cup Saints Vs. Steaua Bucharest

2003 Sunday 21st December Saints Vs. Portsmouth

2003 Friday 26th December Fulham Vs. Saints

2004 Tuesday 10th February Arsenal Vs. Saints


2004 Xmas The UGLY INSIDE




1994 February/March Issue 6 - Red Stripe

1994 October Issue 9 - Red Stripe


On The March No16


May to August 2000 Issue 11 The Beautiful South

December/January 2000/01 Issue 9 The Beautiful South

April/May 2003 issue 16 The Beautiful South


2003 FA Cup Semi Final Saints Vs. Watford

2003 FA Cup Final Arsenal Vs. Saints Programme


CD Just like '76 - Saints officially unofficial 2003 FA CUP SONG


PM With offers etc.

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