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1 minute ago, VectisSaint said:

When would Cedric have shared a club pitch with Ronaldo? He was only 12 when Ronaldo left Sporting, doubt they would have shared a pitch when he between the ages of 7 and 12. Fonte would have shared a pitch with him though. 

Fair point! Missed the bit about clubs. But maybe the writer was just using ‘previous clubs’ generically. Cedric often posts about his Portugal teammates. 

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23 hours ago, SuperSAINT said:


37 so far this season.?!?!?

Has the game really changed that much or is selective memory a condition of old age? I'm sure the likes of Terry Hurlock and Jimmy Case had made that many by half time in most games.🤣

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Oriol has 195 Prem appearances, 53 yellow cards and zero reds. 

That's the second highest amount of yellows without a red in Premier League history after Luke Young with 62. 

I think that record shows that Romeu can be an incredibly well disciplined defensive midfielder but until he's on that yellow he's willing to take more risks. 

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39 minutes ago, trousers said:


Anyone else surprised that the players aren't on a diet / exercise regime dictated by the club rather than having to work out for themselves what's best...? Or am I reading too much into this?


I know a player from another club.  He says he gets fed healthy stuff whilst in the club, training.  After that they are given nutritional advice, told what to avoid, told what not to have before a game etc but other than that they're pretty much left to it.  I would imagine in the Prem they would have access to the clubs nutritionist should they want it.  

edit...actually that's not entirely true.  He's also told not to put on any weight and, in his case, not too much muscle mass as they want to keep him lean and fast.  So yeah, I'd have thought the club would have been advising Romeu on the sort of shape he would benefit from being in.  

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