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Saints v Spurs - Match Thread

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Hilarious. Austin off and his replacement Long immediately fluffs a chance that Austin would have buried.
Yeah but Austin would have been 10 yards further back up the pitch.


and as far as Sims, i have never understood why he has not given more chance to play in the last 2 years. Every time he is on, he has an impact. No one should be surprised today.

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Totally disagree I'm afraid. We are so open in the middle of the park due to a lack of numbers. Three defenders marking Kane is daft and leaves so much space and time for Ali and Eriksen.


You can put an extra body in there without sacrificing a CB though, as we have done many a time. 3-5-2/5-3-2 (depending on if we have possession). I think our CBs have shown enough deficiencies this season to suggest that they can't play in a two together with any dependability. (whereas they all could probably play in a two with a quality CB) (imo)

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