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Skates vs Saints - Match Thread

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All about the result, of course, but sweet baby Jesus our midfield is shocking on the ball. And these are our only options there until at least January.


I swear, some games Hojbjerg looks like he's never played football before. Don't think I've ever seen a player's performance level vacillate so wildly.


Anyway, thankfully Ings is tuned into the game - he's really been the difference in a low quality game.


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Ings, McCarthy and JWP have been excellent, Skates looking bad since our first goal. Less hoofball from them than I was expecting but they are really playing to the ref and falling over at the slightest touch.


Hoj and Romeu need to sort themselves out, their passing has been woeful. Redmond should come on for Adams at 60 mins unless Che does something remarkable.


0-5 full time prediction!

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