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Saints 2 Watford 1 - Post Match

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As ****e as we have been and we’re today, it’s funny what a result like that can do for confidence.


2 poor teams though, both will be down come May. On to. Nor which, who’ll most likely be the 3rd team to drop.

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Second half was so much better, and ultimately we deserved that.


Need to follow it up with a victory against Norwich, but hopefully that gives the players the much needed confidence boost at home to kick on up the table.

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Points are what matters this season, not performances, in a season we will almost certainly be in a relegation battle. I’ll take crappy 2-1 wins every day of the week if it means we stay up and can sort the crap defence and midfield out in the summer.


Norwich next...

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We were there for the taking, they’ll be absolutely kicking themselves. Horrific performance, apart from a couple of bits and pieces, but it’s all about 3 points. Massive opportunity with a really poor Norwich next up. **** me, we’re so ****ing average.



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Sky Sports' Andy Hinchcliffe...


"When you're in relegation danger it's not about performances, it's about results. It's possibly the most important three points Southampton are going to pick up this season."


Well were relegated then ,because were still in the bottom 3......these pundits come out and spout sound bites that mean absolutly jack ...when will they learn to think?.

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Never a handball by Djenepo by the way, they always go on about rebounds and it being too quick for players to react etc, it bounced off his shin onto his hand 0.2 seconds later you can't give that. Certainly wouldn't give a penalty for it!


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Stream problems tonight , so missed a few bits in the buffer zone.


****e first half, better second when we tried to be a bit braver.


Long is more **** in the box than those dog-****s in the box you used to be able to send to your enemies in the Private Eye ads.


Delighted with the win, lets hope the monkey is off our backs at home. Only 4 points behind Bournemouth, so anyone in the bottom half could be dragged into it.


PS Ings is class !

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Well done Saints. Ings the talisman. Cares. Rare



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The only one that does - we may have won but tbh I have never seen such an apathetic bunch of ( supposedly) professional players in my life. If Watford had scored from half of their clear cut first half chances we would have been dead and buried. Redmond should hold his head in shame for his part in their goal. Angry just doesn’t describe my feeling right now.

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Massive victory. Curate’s egg type of performance. Also hopefully the win will make st Mary’s less toxic atmosphere.

Don’t agree with new handball or use of var but hey another fortunate for us in its blindness.

Horrible last few minutes of saints reverting to trying to sit deep and almost conceding again



McCarthy, nice to have a keeper who can make saves. Not the perfect keeper but decent.

Cedric(poor), why we are starting someone 8ntent to leave over the talented saints product confuses me.

Bertrand, nice to have a left back. He’s got a decent football brain.

Bednarek/Stephens ... suppose they might as well build a partnership given alternatives.

Jwp, well that goal is why he is in the team I suppose. Better intensity than earlier this season.

Hojberg, playing a lot better

Djenepo, so raw but fantastic to have a guy that’ll take on players rather than pass back

Redmond... well he’s trying but very off form. Time yo be an impact sub.

Obafemi. Some nice link up play but hardly given the service.

Ings, class above.

Boufal, has to start over Redmond.

Long.... awful finishing. I suppose he had an impact but level of missing open goals is surely intolerable

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Soooo so tense... but we got what we needed, no matter how...

Boufal deserves to start, the boy's a class act.

JWP redeems himself with a wonder goal after a very average first half.

Even though he missed two chances, Long won headers and kept us going forward.

Back four again struggling but we all know that and until we get a leader in there we can't expect much more.

McCarthy is rightfully our number one.

RH: we want you to succeed...


Ings... one of our own... class.




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