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'B' Team to replace U23's?

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1 hour ago, trousers said:

What on Earth is going on this weekend? Even the B Team are starting to click! :)

p.s. slightly ponderous as to why Vokins wasn't parachuted into the left back position yesterday, given it seems he's 100% fit. Ralph saw it as a bigger risk than playing Stephens out of position I guess. 

U18’s winning away at Villa at the moment too. 

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On 06/11/2020 at 12:22, Dusic said:

As is now the norm...no Saints players in any of the Eng U21, U20, U19 or U18 squads.

A few years ago we probably had 8+ across those groups.

Horseman said post-match we are travelling to St George’s to play the England U18’s this weekend.

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11 hours ago, VectisSaint said:

Good result, but in the end completely meaningless in terms of the competition. It was a "dead rubber".

You cannot really say that Vectis as MK had a goodly number of their Academy playing too.

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Poor game and luckily their keeper made 1 more mistake than our keeper. Pretty that the reason the team was so poor is because a couple of internationals - Jankewitz & Obafemi (as he seems to be behind N'lundulu atm) and the rest of the fringe first-team boys training with the first to cover for the internationals/injuries. If you look at the first team training from yesterday most of the pictures are of B team players broken up with Redmond, Romeu, Forster, Adams, KWP, et al

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There's a good article on The Athletic about the B team. They've now started following Ralph's Playbook which he wrote during lockdown. This has meant a different approach to training and style of play which mimic what the first team do. They've even started training at a different time to the first team so that coaches can come across from the senior squad and help implement their methods.

The article goes on to say that it's taking them time to get used to it because a lot of them have spent the last 5 or more years being coached differently.

They don't seem massively bothered about results, preferring to see success as relating to how many of the team transition to the first team squad. 

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