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Saints vs Man Utd - Match Thread

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Been coming. Even at 2-0 we weren't playing well and United always had gears to go into.

They're a decent side with a great squad. And they always play well against us. Not sure what Ralph was doing in truth, waiting until the 89th minute to make a meaningful change. Sides are starting to take us seriously and figure us out now. Need to be able to shore it up and see games out.

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29 minutes ago, johnnyboy said:

Have I missed something , we are still winning yes ? 


28 minutes ago, trousers said:

Have I missed something? You've been a Saints fan for several years and don't realise what typically happens in games like this...? ;)

Membership of the "we know what happens here" club available if you want to sign up @johnnyboy...?

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Just now, sydney_saint said:

This is now a coaching issue. Our performance today, against Wolves, even against Villa. If it happens once then it is a players issue. But this is happening multiple times and is now a Ralph problem

Mentality problem. We’ve been lacking leadership on the pitch since Fonte left . 

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