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Fulham vs Saints — Build-up & Match

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Just now, DT said:

Che Adams you absolute donkey 


Just now, Archers Road Stand said:

How many sitters has Adams missed this season?


Just now, egg said:

How the hell did Adams miss that? Jeez


Just now, OttawaSaint said:

What the fuck Adams?!?!


Just now, HarvSFC said:

Wtf, how has Adams not scored? If that was Long he would be crucified.


Just now, USaint said:

Oh Adams. So unlucky JWP

The spin on the ball took the bounce away from him. No way he could have judged that.

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2 minutes ago, OttawaSaint said:

This hasn’t been very good at all. Apart from the JWP free kick we’ve been totally shit. Adams just blasted the ball at our goal.

That was our best effort at goal other than the free kick to be fair. 

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