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Newcastle 3-2 Saints - Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, Toussaint said:

Redmond is poor, but Bertrand is past it, legs have gone. Poor at the back, nothing like he was going forward 

he doesn't get himself or the side out of jail like he used to when he was lightening quick. We've mis KWP doing them same. That extra pace to cover slow CBs is a must.  No way would I be giving him a £100k a week deal or whatever it is he is after. He's still a decent player, no doubt about it, but we've seen the best of him already.

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Got to be massive offers for JWP in the summer, just for the free-kick specialist aspect.

Handful of players like him around at the moment, big clubs will pay big money for dead-ball specialists.

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1 minute ago, Fan The Flames said:


I love the line by someone earlier - our year run has just papered over the cracks. That's comedy genius.

We can always rely on the SWF knee-jerk brigade for a laugh :)

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