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What a mistake-a to make-a

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1 hour ago, badgerx16 said:

A female Police officer in Minneapolis at a "routine" traffic stop goes to taser the driver, pulls out her gun in error, and shoots him dead.


Ooops !


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5 hours ago, skintsaint said:

This has happened a few times in the past over there, will get about 4-5 years jailtime for manslaughter.

They are going to have a problem with the police if they keep finding them guilty of such crimes. Police chief reassigns who I guess was a new one after George Floyd?

Such a violent society makes it a nightmare for both sides

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Does seem from body cam that it was genuine mistake. It’s one of those situations where there is no good solution. She didn’t mean to do it but you can’t let a killer off with a slap in the wrist either. Well maybe you could but only in a society where people have faith real police wrongdoing is dealt with 

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