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Saints 1-1 Man Utd - Match Thread

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1 minute ago, trousers said:

Wouldn't surprise to see Ralph hook him off shortly as he seems to have a yellow in him most challenges

Yeah bring on Redders to terrorize them!

Sorry, not sure what came over me then, must be the heatwave we’re having here.

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2 minutes ago, stknowle said:

McCarthy's kicking continues to be utter shite. And looking at that goal again he should have saved it. He just ain't good enough end of.

to be fair, on that occasion, he made sure he didnt kick it straight into the attacker as there was no room for error.

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In 1990 (ish) i had trials for Swindon. They put me in a goal and Mickey Hazard popped shots at me from 20 something yards .. he had a wicked shot and 10/10 went in. Despite meeting Osvalso Ardiles and Fraser Digby when I asked why I didn't succeed in the trial they said a goalkeeper should never ever try and second guess where the ball is going to go which in affect is all I could do via hazard as I had little hope. Perhaps someone could let Mccarthy know this ...

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4 minutes ago, Suhari said:

Apart from the one at half time?

I meant in response to Djeneppo getting a card, Utd equalising, and Sancho coming on. A reaction to what is happening on the pitch. 

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