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Newcastle 2-2 Saints - Match Thread

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23 minutes ago, tajjuk said:

Newcastle are the baffling most lucky team in the league, they have played like relegation contenders for about 3 years, park the bus even at home and seem to somehow fluke results from a handful of shots at best. 

Actually it's Saints.

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Many many many opportunities to put that match to bed earlier, Newcastle weren't very good and still managed to score 2 easy goals. The team overall were decent though, except in my opinion for Djnepo (should've scored) and Stephens.  But it's not far off being a decent team, just need more killer instinct and 100% concentration in defence. 

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Posted (edited)

Take the point but it should have been more. Absolutely wild strategy to leave constant 2v2s at the back against ASM, although I think Salisu dealt with the majority of them incredibly well.

Redmond changed the game when he came on and set-up the goal and penalty. Keep Djenepo on the bench and bring in a 6 who can pass a ball.

If ASM is injured for any period of time then they are relegated.

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1 minute ago, Jimmy_D said:


Least we deserved!

Funny how I'd have been disappointed about 1-1 and am relatively happy about 2-2 :lol: 

My feelings exactly.

A classic rollercoaster Saints game. All over them, then looked terrible, inevitable happened then we get it back, inevitable happens again, and then we somehow snag a point. 


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In seriousness.  We never ever deserved to lose that.  We do remain soft as shit and it will ensure we remain bottom 6 for much of the season.

Thought Salisu was good, Tino great first half.  Mo was good throughout (miles better than walcott)

Redmond actually crossed the ball, less said about Djenepo the better, very much sunday league stuff.

Thought Armstrong was very poor and Adams not much better.

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So thought we'd managed to mess it up.

So glad we got the point at least we deserved.

Thought Salisu was immense today. Hope we can extend his contract quickly if he carries on like that(people saying we aren't better at CB with a maturing Salisu are wrong imo)

Redmond great impact from the bench. Never been sure about elyounessi but he looked better today, maybe helped as we have pace elsewhere.

Armstrong was a bit quiet on homecoming till the late drama.

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No points to add to the most points lost from a winning position league, come from behind twice, completely outplay opponents, 2 VAR decisions go in our favour (wasn't Dean on VAR duty?). Not sure how some people on here think it was predictable or that it was scripted 😂 Good result really but could/should have been better. 

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Just now, niceandfriendly said:

Thank god for that. We got lucky. A point still an average result. Will take it after they almost robbed a win though. Sigh.

How were we lucky? by far the better team, double their shots, way more possession, actually tried to win rather than camping at the back at home. They won't be that flukey against other teams.

Considering we have started with two away trips where we for some reason have terrible records, and have also played Man Utd, its an ok start to the season and performances have been decent aside a poor second half against Everton. 

Think this team will get better, Armstrong to come back in, Lyanco to maybe go in there as well. 

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