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Saints 0-0 West Ham - Match Thread

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Just now, OttawaSaint said:

Redmond is like a favourite dog that’s in the living room in the warmth but keeps shitting all over the carpets. Other better behaved dogs are huddled together in the yard, shivering. RH sits in the kitchen wondering why his living room smells so bad.

Not best analogy in this thread, but certainly the weidest! ;)

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West Ham well on top now. Was hoping we were saving something in the tank but we look as knackered as we do when we go hammer and tong all first half.

Sloppy, tired, uninspiring game.

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1 minute ago, BotleySaint said:

Been a problem for years. Other teams have good options on the bench that can change the game. Given the money spent you'd expect then to win. Guess we do well to hang in there..

We have decent options ourselves, they just aren't being used.

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Just now, benjii said:

70 minutes on the clock, several players playing badly, heading into a run of games which is tough and still KWP, Tella, Adams, Broja sat on the bench. Honestly, it's baffling. 

KWP on at right back and Broja on for Redmond for me.

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