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Watford 0-1 Saints - Match Thread

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Just now, warsash saint said:

Would we though??  Plenty of replacements can come off the bench

It's not that we don't have the replacements. It's that if his injury flared up by playing 2 games in a week we could lose him for another few matches. I like that we are being patient.

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1 minute ago, Totton Saint said:

Could Diallo had been picked instead of Romeo or is that heresy?

C’mon, I thought you went to TGS 😊.. not sure Ward-Prowse/Diallo combo are physical enough for Watford. it may well happen though when Romeu gets his inevitable suspension.

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Not sure the constant changing of players in the same old tactics is helping many players. 

Even Redmond, who went from 2/10 performances to 6/10 for a couple of games and somehow sufficiently convinced everyone, is moved back deeper today.

Diallo had been great, Forster yet again proved how far clear he is of McCarthy. Bednarek is awful but I get why he's easing lyanco in. In a few months I think Bednarek will be 4th choice centre back. 

KWP is a great player but not a left back. I feel bad for Perraud whose progress is being stalled, he hasn't done much wrong. 

What do I know, I'd have Forster, Perraud, S. Armstrong and Diallo starting every week. 

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