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Saints 2-2 Leicester - Match Thread

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Just now, igsey said:

Best 15 minutes we've played all season?

Tella and Redmond are everywhere, and our passing is so crisp and quick.

Yep. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the forward players, but I like it. 

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Just now, Saint_clark said:

We still have the issue of our wingers too often cutting back inside, but when our centre midfielders are JWP and Romeu surely they're better off trying to create something themselves on the wing?

To be fair Redmond has gone to the byline a few times. Tella is too one-footed and predictable at the moment though, but his trickery and pace is doing a good job of making up for that.

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1 minute ago, Viking Saint said:

Can't quite explain why but I find Brendan Rogers utterly fucking loathsome.....

It was his quotes about us when he was at Liverpool and just generally his association with the Scousers too.

A good manager mind but has this aura of smugness about him.

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Same match. In control 1 up, McCarthy gives a soft goal away. 

Now we have to listen to endless comments on how good he is and how it's rare he gives away a soft goal every other game. 

Horrible goal to give away. Premier League keeper gets that clear. Championship keeper doesn't. The difference is there to see every fucking match. 

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Just now, Baird of the land said:

That was bad by Mccarthy. If his confidence has gone again so he can't deal with simple shots it may be time to bring back Forster.

The only reason I can think he'd keep picking him is so as to not utterly destroy his confidence but that's a ridiculous reason to knowingly pick a player that's good for costing us at least one goal every game.

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That’s shocking, straight at him, no real deviations on the ball, would expect National League upwards to turn that around the post. Straight back into the middle of the goal. Salish’s header wasn’t strong enough but that is on McCarthy and Ralph. Forster for BHA surely?

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2 minutes ago, Dorchester Saint said:

🤣🤣🤣 Because he’s so much better eh?


FFS!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Clearly his confidence has gone, time to give him a rest. I agree that Forster isn't any better, but why persevere with a keeper that's on an awful run?


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2 minutes ago, DT said:

But no. Apparently he’s a good keeper and we can’t say he isn’t 

Incorrect. Most people think he's not much cop.

What people object to is you being a twat pretending it is some massive shock he is selected every time the team is announced.

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