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Saints 2-2 Leicester - Match Thread

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We up our game, score and take our foot off the pedal. Let’s hope we do not switch off completely in the second half. Win here and get another win at the weekend will relieve a lot of pressure. Big 50 minutes of football. 

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Amidst the justified hammering for McCarthy for the goal, let’s not lose sight of the fact that KWP got done like a kipper on his wrong tackling foot. If Watford and Norwich sussed the weakness, we’d better believe that Leicester will.

Love him as a player but not so much at LWB.

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Neil Lennon (half time Amazon pundit) saying that McCarthy made a good save before they scored because he was unsighted and only saw it at the last minute. Lennon needs to have a word with the self-appointed Saintsweb intelligentsia me thinks. 

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Tella is lively, good to see him play.

We need a strong second half, not the normal slow, ponderous one. 

Salisu has been good, but those long throws seem pointless, it's better to keep possession than just aimlessly launch it.


So far so good, Amazon prime coverage isn't bad at all.

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Wasn't McCarthy's `save' exactly the same as Schmichel's? It's just a reaction stop that maybe he needs to try and catch as there is no chance of knocking it round the post, it's too central.

No matter what the speed gun says, Armstrong isn't quick and he is having one of those games (treading on the ball etc.) He needs to change his boots and start afresh.

Great to see Che in the six yard box to get the goal. Thought there were a couple of other occasions when he didn't do enough to get in that area.

Salisu dived in a few times, but got away with it. Sometimes he needs to do less, not more.

Romeu is a good player. Hardly put a foot wrong.

Concerned about being hit on the break once we get tired. We had bodies to smother chances when they did, but those bodies won't be there when players are knackered.



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Good first half from everyone in red and white, agree with those hoping to see Broja on for Armstrong at some point. I'd also like Perraud on for one of the right backs, though Tino has been outstanding and KWP has struggled defensively, so I'd go KWP off.

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35 minutes ago, igsey said:

What other choice does he have? Fraser probably doesn't even save that shot.

No one could save the goal, but Alex scooped the ball literally into the path of the only Leicester player who could have a free shot on goal.  

He should have pushed the shot to the side, it is pretty basic keeping to not push balls back out into the centre area. 

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1 minute ago, Turkish said:

Since when have games been stopped due to medical issues in the crowd?

Wouldn't really want to watch a game with someone having a defib hooked up to them a few rows in front, nor would I as a player feel right running around playing football while that's going on nearby.

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