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Saints 1-1 Brighton - Match Thread

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9 minutes ago, nta786 said:

Potter doesn’t need to be a genius here.

Just needs to survive our first half onslaught because we need about 10 chances to score 1.

With all the energy saved they can win the 2nd half convincingly. 

Yep managers must see that by now. It's hard to watch as the only way this all or nothing first half tactic works is if we're a couple of goals up. We aren't clinical so it doesn't happen. So far our wins have been about holding out against poor form teams who can't score. Can you stay up like that? 

Another high energy start, pressing too well for them but it's all effort over quality. Poor finishing and final ball too often. JWP and Romeu will fade second half against the midfield 3. Same old. 

Game rests on our next 25 mins and how clinical brighton are second half. 


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