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  1. It would be nice but I know unrealistic if Saints signed or got in on loan;

    Centre half who could lead/organise defence as Saints have been lacking this since 2017.

    Central midfielder as Romeo will get suspended and Ward-Prowse can't play every game.

    Wide/creative midfielder to replace the outgoing Boufal as Saints lack creativity in this area.

    A decent keeper.

    That's all

  2. On 15/08/2020 at 18:41, Matthew Le God said:

    Decent passer of the ball and better than Hojberg with that aspect of the game but shooting is similar. Celtic fans I work with rate him highly but do say he will attempt a dozen shots on goal from outside the box with only one on target. They are also not sure why Lennon does not start him more in games. 

  3. Might be controversial but I think Reed is better than Hojberg especially his passing ability. A year older but should be given a chance with Saints next season. I still hope Saints invest Hojberg money into the team as it would be a risk if Ward-Prowse or Romeo get injured. 

  4. On ‎5‎/‎26‎/‎2020 at 4:06 PM, Dusic said:



    I've seen Ntcham a few times in European/Old Firm games and he clearly has ability. Powerful player, a little bit Lemina like but not as good as Lemina's top level.


    Have to wonder why he doesn't always start for Celtic but probably worth a gamble in a swap for Forster.


    Not a Hojbjerg replacement though as is better on the ball than off it and PEH is so key in our press.

    Celtic fans i work with really rate Ntcham and say he is a good passer of the ball although his shooting needs imrpovement as he will attempt 20 shots with one on target during a game. He will fit in fine at Saints.

  5. This is why a.) He is perfect for our system and b.) Other teams will want him.



    Possession won in the defensive third: 94 (6th)


    Possession won in the midfield third: 137 (1st)


    Possession won in the attacking third: 22 (=2nd)


    [emoji2093] Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg has been everywhere for @SouthamptonFC this season! #SaintsFC

    Apart from scoring a goal this season

  6. How does that work? Jordon Ibe sat on the bench for Liverpool, so did Solanke. You could put me on the bench for that 1970 Brazil team, wouldn't mean I'm good enough to play for anyone.


    The players you've listed played in a different era, sports fitness has moved on so much since their day. Channon and friends played in an era when you could go out on the lash the night before a game, then grab a large fish and chips on the way to the ground to soak it all up. It's not like that now, we've got VO2 max tests and midfielders running 11km in a game. I think Lallana would be off the pace again and likely just get injured trying to keep with the pace.

    Ok I’ll keep trying. You can’t compare Lallana with Solanke and Ibe?

    Liverpool bench in recent win v Saints,









    All would get in Saints team at the moment

    I’d add Milner, Curtis Jones as well.


    Regarding fitness and players over 30 years old there are plenty playing well in the premier league,

    David Silva, Mesut Ozil, Jamie Vardy, Sergio Arguero, Fernandinho, James Milner, Joao Moutinho, Mark Noble, Jan Vertonghen, David Luiz, Pedro, Robert Snodgrass, Willian, Gary Cahill, Seamus Colman, Toby Alderweireld,

  7. 32 and it’s certainly getting that way when you’ve had injury problems and a lack of regular football.


    2014 Lallana would obviously improve this team but he hasn’t been that player for a long while now.

    I think some experience is what Saints are lacking especially in defence and midfield. A player on the bench for the World Champions and Champions league and soon to be premier league winners is certainly good enough to walk into the current Saints side along with all of Liverpool’s bench and probably about half of their under 23 side.

    If you know your Saints history you will know Saints best teams have contained a mix of home grown youth and experienced players and included Channon returning Ball returning Watson, Case, Worthington, Jordan, Mills, Marsden etc

  8. People who are saying yes, yes, must think he is still as good as when he played here..No, no he is near the end of his career, he is injury prone and he has an inflated opinion of himself which means he will be looking for a big pay day. Ralph looks for the opposite: young, eager with all to prove

    Is 31 the end of a football career?

    Danny Ings was injury prone for longer periods of his Liverpool career but has come good again at Saints.

  9. Saints will always struggle against teams like Burnley who play lots of long balls and crosses into the box until the board backs Ralph and sign some commanding central defenders. Saints played well last two games but the defending at Liverpool and Spurs was poor.

    So all out attack and hope to score more goals than them!

  10. I’ve always quite liked Sampdoria since the days of watching football Italia on channel 4 in the 90s, have been lucky enough to visit Genoa to see them play but hopefully the clubs have built a connection and part of the deal is we get to play them away pre-season.

    That would be great for a pre season friendly. I too loved watching Sampdoria years ago with Mancini, Lombardo etc and have been to watch them many years ago. Interesting game with everyone standing on seats and smoking weed around me and a pre match pint of Tennants Super in the Ultra,s bar!

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