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  1. If you were Ings or Bertrand would you sign a new deal after seeing that we will always be a selling club - unless our fake Sheikh Owner sells the club.

    so many false dawns in previous transfer windows especially the lies back in the Les Reed days on deals like Alderweireld signing permanently etc..

    Yes the club is skint as so are many others, let’s hope our better players are back sooner than later




  2. On 12/07/2020 at 12:44, trousers said:

    Dispatch date is 14th August for pre-orders



    If you look on the bottom of this page it says it exclusively available from The Saints Shop today with no mention of pre-ordering. I have tweeted them asking if this is the actual case

  3. Redmond now is blocking a starting place for others when they are fit.

    He has become too complacent on being picked - yeah he may be popular within the squad but honestly all he does is go backwards. For a player of his so say ability I find it hard to understand why he hasn’t been moved on. The answer to that is he has no end product to his game. They can show us all the videos of him hitting “Worldys” down the training ground , but these count for nothing if you don’t turn up on match day.

    Sims, Djenepo, & Boufal Should all be ahead of him when fit and available - Moussa especially 

  4. I’ve just read that Ronald Koeman and several others including Dennis Bergkamp and a Billionaire

    Businessman are looking to buy a club at a knockdown price.

    After the bad feeling when he left - how would the fans react if they were to try to take us over?

    Hypothetical at the moment but in reality if such an approach were to come in??

    At least he knows how the club is run

  5. I live quite near to Hungerford, where Austin lives

    He was apparently heard telling people in the pub recently

    that he’s going nowhere, and will sit out the final year of the contract.

    “ I’m on £70k a week -so what”

    Can see it from both sides but he would now

    struggle to start at most championship clubs

  6. I don’t get why grown overweight adults wear

    replica shirts

    It’s not as though your going to get a game for the team on a Saturday.

    The replica shirt market is aimed at younger fans, and us older generation

    have had our turn.

    Most younger fans will like the new kits, and most of the rest who are showing

    that they so say don’t like the home kit, will end up buying it

    in the end.

  7. My predictions for this summer

    2 Centre backs we need to spend big on

    Lewis Dunk

    Pontus Jannson


    Harry Reed will replace Romeu

    Che Adams in to replace Austin

    Boufal to come back

    Norwegian right back in to support Valery

    Lots of others by the wayside out the door

  8. Forster should be in the squad

    Everyone blames him on poor form but they way we’ve defended

    since Koeman left any keeper would have struggled.

    In all honesty I don’t have any confidence in McArthy, and would like Gunn in goal with FF as back up.

    McCarthy has cost us more points this year than Forster did under Puel

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