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Thread: Next 12 Games - A Prediction

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    Default Next 12 Games - A Prediction

    24 Hours after essentially losing it and despairing of the last two games, Iím left wondering what the chances are for the remaining twelve games. Many will think Iím mad but I made a prediction spreadsheet with 17 games to go of the teams that I thought would be in the battle against relegation.

    Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Southampton.

    I looked at every match they had coming up, the current points they already had and made a win/lose/draw prediction to arrive at a predicted points tally come the end of the season. As the results have come in Iíve amended the predicted results with the actual results and the spreadsheet has calculated the gains and losses to take these into account and come up with a revised points estimate assuming that the rest of the predictions hold true.

    Below is what I originally came up with and how itís now looking with 12 to go!

    With 17 Matches To Go With 12 Matches To Go

    Crystal Palace 44 Crystal Palace 42
    Brighton 43 Brighton 37
    Saints 38 Burnley 35
    Newcastle 29 Saints 35
    Burnley 28 Newcastle 32

    Cardiff 25 Cardiff 28
    Fulham 23 Fulham 24
    Huddersfield 15 Huddersfield 15

    For what itís worth my predictions on the remaining Saints games are shown below - even i don't have time to share the whole spredsheet - I'm sad enough as it is

    Home 10 Points Away 3 Points

    Fulham Win Arsenal Lose
    Tottenham Lose Man United Lose
    Liverpool Lose Watford Draw
    Wolves Draw Brighton Draw
    Bournemouth Win Newcastle Draw
    Huddersfield Win West Ham* Lose

    ē Originally had this down as a draw but now think we might lose it

    Obviously itís very subjective and so much can change but this is how I maintain hope now that we have RH in charge, despite the loss to Cardiff and and two weeks of nothing happening!

    Anyway hope it brings comfort to some and the rest of you can pour scorn on me if you want to - who knows RH might get more than this out of them?

    BTW Ė As soon as Burnley signed Crouch I just knew he would do something to hurt us and as the picture shows, the penalty shouldnít have been awarded - he's holding Stephens down by grabbing his shirt in the small of his back.

    Stephens is forced off balance and arches backwards Ė hand comes flying up and hey presto a penalty!

    Crouch the cheat strikes again!

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    Bugger - all my careful formatting has been screwed - OK imagine neat columns for the 17 to go list and the 12 to go list, along with the Home and Away lists as well ie. Fulham (Home Game) - Win / Aresnal (Away Game) - Lose - you get the picture.

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    Cardiff have already got 25 points from 26 games. Are you really suggesting that they'll only get another 3 points from 12 games????


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