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  1. I hope you got sorted because the email was that of my friend whom I was posting for. He shifted the ticket and hopefully let the others know he had sold it. I’ve been busy this weekend & only just back online so apologies for lack of contact.


    Not as yet mate, thanks though. If anyone has a spare ticket please email me at broachy84@gmail.com. Can pick up from the ground this evening. cheers!

  2. BT Sport just got the rights for the Ashes in Australia.


    I think rather than having BT and Sky, as they are carving everything up between them, I'll just chuck the lot in. I foolishly thought £90 per month would be enough to watch all the sport I wanted.


    I'll be happy with the BBC's Match of the Day (still the best football programme out there) for my fix of football. I'll really miss a load of dickhead journos talking bullsh*t around a breakfast table on a Sunday morning.


    Joe Public will only be pushed so far with digital TV fees.


    I am thinking exactly the same. Its not even like you can have both at a reasonable price as it seems you can only get any order of discount via a bundle of internet and tv. Sky are not perfect but at least everything was in one place to access if you wanted to subscribe. Now with European Football, a big chunk of Prem games and now the ashes I am beginning to struggle to justify it.

  3. Any numbers for their 2010/11 Euro League campaign? They did qualify as losing FA Cup finalists.


    LOL - unfortunately not due to their UEFA licence debacle. I am sure they would have sent shock-waves through the powerhouses of European football had they not been binned from the competition for cheating.

  4. They offer 1200 tickets normally for away fans in the Dutch league games. My googling tells me that Liverpool got 1500 way back in 2002 for a Europa cup game. If that's the allocation I would suggest it won't get past season ticket holders. I might be wrong.


    Thanks. That's the conclusion I came to. Mind you there is always spares available and if worst comes to the worst it will be the home end for me!

  5. Seems to me that this was written by a 'journalist' who has very little knowledge of the workings of football or business finance in general, read the word 'debt' somewhere in the accounts and pulled out a number without any context surrounding it. #factless (?)

  6. Seems to me that this was written buy a 'journalist' who has very little knowledge of the workings of football or business finance in general, read the word 'debt' somewhere in the accounts and pulled out a number without any context surrounding it. #factless (?)

  7. I like him. He works his socks off and I get the feeling is is playing out of position slightly (or it might be that the current style doesn't quite suit him). As someone said above his work rate compensates for his lack of ability. I'm not going to roast him for that - I'd rather that than an Osvaldo type! We were ripped off - should have paid no more than 6m for him. But I can't help but like him!

  8. Window - I think it is a bit of Hobsons choice yes. I don't think the model was ever going to be the same as it has been over the past 5 years. MP may have got some money to spend, but probably not on the level as before. We 'don't need to sell' but we also wont be flashing tens of millions on new players without some players going the other way.


    We/MP were told 'no players MP wants to keep will be sold' - but surely that comes with a caveat that we will accept offers for players that want to leave/hand in transfer requests?

  9. Agree Adriansfc. Ultimately if the AL and LS wish to leave it is better for the club to sell them for as much as they can get and re invest the money, than refusing all approaches and causing resentment in these 2 players. If MP, AL and LS leave and we get in a decent manager in a similar mould to MP and re invest the money in the squad surely that's a better scenario than is being portrayed on here?

  10. http://www.footballdirectnews.com/premier-league-news/50414-pochettino-signs-three-year-deal-with-spurs.php


    Well if this is true and we offered Poch all the funds from AL and LS sales to re-invest in the squad, then you can hardly accuse the club of a lack of ambition. If those players wish to leave then it is in no-ones interest to stop them but at least we are looking at spending some decent money on replacing them. If Poch refused that offer then there is not a lot else the board could do.


    Hopefully it means we will get a good managerial replacement in a similar mould to MP, offload Osvaldo for 10m plus and have 60m or so to replace AL and LS as best we can and continue on up!!

  11. I don't agree with it being forced upon all customers. Would it not be better to have a halal option on the menu for those who want it, rather than a blanket approach? I personally think it is pretty disgusting how halal slaughtering of animals is conducted anyway. Another example of backward religious practice with no place in modern society quite frankly.

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