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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/security-minister-reveals-knowledge-of-football-money-laundering-investigation-11540039 I wonder...
  2. LOL - unfortunately not due to their UEFA licence debacle. I am sure they would have sent shock-waves through the powerhouses of European football had they not been binned from the competition for cheating.
  3. So, have they now exited administration and is the points penalty imminent?
  4. Comment From Urporky Urporky: ] There are over 200,000 people living in Portsmouth and only 5-10% of these people attend Pompey home matches, how can a business that has failed so many times, leaving local business owed thousands, dominate the time that YOU should be spending helping the 90-95% of the population that really do not care for PFC and are sick of seeing cuts to local services while PCC agrees a loan to help PFC? Own up
  5. ‘I think we have struck a very reasonable deal with the owners and I have dealt with them before. We both know where we come from'. Why does the fact the they have worked together before not surprise me in the slightest!!! Where is that owl?!
  6. Can someone provide a little more info on this post? Sounds very interesting. The next exciting instalment?!
  7. http://www.uhy-uk.com/assets/media/download/turnaround-and-recovery/PFC%20CVA%2028th%20May%20Final2.pdf I think all the information they need is here - why use the website to air this latest piece of dirty linen?!
  8. "Harry's entry with moneywise I may have left one or two clubs in a bit of a pickle was excluded as the entry form seemed to have been filled in by a dog." I need a new keyboard and monitor. Coffee damage....
  9. Comment From pompeypete pompeypete : ] I unfortunately know a lot of stains that have pledged for a laugh and have no intention of paying the extra money. LOLOLOL
  10. http://www.sportingintelligence.com/2012/05/14/where-the-money-went-premier-league-prize-and-tv-payments-for-2011-12-150501/ Interesting to finally get an exact figure on the parachute payments for this year. And what next years will be....
  11. 44kev the second Friday, May 11, 2012 at 10:39 AM These are very small sums. The £350 is probably no more than a couple of days wages for these charity managers. I always avoid paying to charity indirectly via companies if I can. I prefer to give directly to charities that I trust. I'm sure collecting for charity was well intentioned, but a loss making firm should not get involved with other people's money. Better that we give directly on the day. Wouldn't it be nice, if for the good of UK Football's image, a club up the road or the FA made good the shortfall? Report Unsuitable Surely o
  12. Great post Franks Cousin. That is it in a nutshell!
  13. ched post 19 Great post ..That is why yesterday I said the council should be prepared to take responsibility and put a deal together with Chanrai .. buy the club back for the people, using the taxpayer's in the PO postcode as the revenue stream (no chance of a default to Chanrai!) .. a one off 'investment tax' of £100 entitles you to become a lifelong shareholder .. as an individual, household, or business .. as many sources of £100's as possible. Do this 200,000 times over whatever timescale it takes, and you have £20million in the coffers .. not forgetting the normal revenue sources for the
  14. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/9379881.Arrest_warrant_issued_for_Pompey_owner/ Oh dear! lolololol
  15. Hilarious!!!!!!!!! Made my afternoon. Keep it up guys!!!
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