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  1. Ings would be taking a bit of a risk himself running his contract down. Especially with his chequered history of injuries. He seems more than happy here though. I reckon he’ll sign.
  2. Stephens got done for the first goal. Poor defending.
  3. I really like our current kit. Just saying.
  4. We only need to put a side out to win 1 game against a team struggling in league 1. It would be totally unnecessary to play our strongest XI.
  5. There are better full-backs playing non-league football.
  6. The rhetoric from the remainers is laughable. Project Fear well and truly over.
  7. Agreed. He was excellent against City.
  8. What about the tariffs that the surrender monkeys impose?
  9. If we went WTO, is there a chance of a deal in the future? Are the EU willing to wait and see if it’s worth making a deal with us? Are we willing to wait as well?
  10. Walcott was superb today. Poor Nathan Redmond played like the kid with 2 left feet who always got picked last in the school playground.
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