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  1. Adams needs to be a bit sharper. Might be worth changing from a back 4. They’ve only got 1up front. See how it goes for another 10 minutes.
  2. Any truth in the rumour that the ground is going to be renamed The Dell?
  3. Absolute bull. He’s moved inside to cover our average centre-backs and a good job he did. He needs a bit of support from right-midfield.
  4. There’s a lovely one through Hamble Country Park.
  5. Wade Garrett


    If he’s worth £25m then the Sunday morning pub league is full of £30m players.
  6. Agreed. He really should have been sent off.
  7. Hungerford had a good side when I played. The Angel brothers (brothers of Brett) played for them. Beat us in an F.A. Cup qualifier. I was very good though 😀. Not sure what league they play in.
  8. He’ll get Pochettino or Allegri.
  9. Lovely little pass in for Ings yesterday.
  10. The whole team were outstanding. Thought KWP was very good as were Ings, JWP and McCarthy. A special mention for Jack Stephens though. I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t think he had that sort of performance in him. He was colossal.
  11. Fair point about the forwards Vestegard would have been up against, but his replacement isn’t exactly blessed with pace either. He’s not on the bench either.
  12. Disappointed for Vestegard after his performance last week.
  13. I remember it being something to do with his back. That was a real shame, he had loads of ability.
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