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  1. Ralph is a numpty. There’s your explanation.
  2. I just see Ralph as a hindrance. I can’t see us beating Watford. That really should be the end for Ralph. In my opinion, it feels like the board is dithering and just delaying the inevitable.
  3. Yet Ralph picks them. Although I accept that he doesn’t have much choice with Bednarek.
  4. How does anyone know what he has in his contract regarding getting sacked? Any manager that keeps a totally shite Walcott on the pitch for 70 minutes deserves the sack to be honest.
  5. Thought he had a good game v Leeds. Can only base my opinion on what I actually see. Unlike some of the bandwagon jumpers on here.
  6. Several good performances today. Top performers for me were Salisu, very dominant, and Diallo - his best performance in a Saints shirt.
  7. He should be charged for his team selections and lack of tactical nous.
  8. Fucking doom-mongers. All we need to do is get Eddie in and our prospects will improve straight away.
  9. Mike Bassett would be an improvement on Ralph to be fair. 4-4-fucking-2.
  10. He’ll get better offers. Also think I’ve read he’s not that keen on us.
  11. Reckon we should try for Phil Foden. Good young player who needs games and likes a forward pass. Reckon a brilliant bid of £5m will do it. No chance of Johnstone signing though.
  12. The north is a shithole. Full of pissed up, workshy, flatcap wearing wankers. They moan like fuck about the South, but it is our hard work and endeavour that finance their backward lifestyles.
  13. Nothing stopping them having a training base anywhere in the country.
  14. I bet the supporters are gutted about that.
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