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  1. Indecision - a cardinal sin for a keeper.
  2. Good to see Armstrong back and Djenepo in. Reckon they’ll terrorise our defence though.
  3. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to, Saints fans all their lives, are really annoyed with the club at the moment. I wonder if this feeling is spreading among the wider fan base?
  4. You’re right. We’re following a very similar pattern.
  5. Centre back ( preferably a fit one), centre midfielder, winger. At the moment we look rubbish.
  6. Personally, I don’t see the harm in calling your players out. They should be man enough to take criticism on the chin. They’re happy to be publicly lauded.
  7. Best YouTube I’ve seen since Steve De Ridder.
  8. It’s ok. His daughter Kat Kraft will take over. What could possibly go wrong.
  9. Fair enough. You are of course correct, but it is sad that public comment has to be so sanitised these days. I think Lineker’s tweets are as ill-informed as Matty’s, but I don’t see him being vilified. I’m not knocking anyone in particular but there is a degree of double standards.
  10. But I’ve never seen you moan about Lineker’s tweets slagging off Brexit or offering lodgings to illegal immigrants. Maybe it should only be ex-footballers with a different point of view to you that should stay off social media.
  11. He’s been labelled as thick, naive and a dangerous crank because he has an alternative view on the virus. I disagree with him, but wouldn’t think his views are less valid than mine.
  12. The problem with sportsmen these days is that they are so bland and terrified about saying anything that might upset their sponsors. Ive just read Matt’s Twitter for the first time ever. Admittedly I didn’t see the Anne Frank tweet but he’s apologised and deleted it. His opinion on COVID is shared by many. I don’t see why he should be slagged off. At least he’s got the bottle to post honestly. Free speech anyone?
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