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  1. The respective national leagues have said any team taking part wouldn’t be playing domestic league football.
  2. Future deals would be less. Not sure how current agreements would be changed.
  3. I reckon it would be shit anyway. That’s about it really.
  4. Don’t think he’ll be worth the wages.
  5. I don’t think anyone would take him if he came free with £5 of petrol.
  6. We are a piece of piss to play against. The time and space they were finding was embarrassing. We were garbage tonight. I’m not sure the manager has the dressing room. We made West Brom look like Barcelona tonight.
  7. Action would be England boycotting. It’s not that hard to understand.
  8. If you think not condoning a regime that treats workers like Qatar does as wokeness you must be a really horrible fucker!
  9. Pretty much. Still a statement of conscience though.
  10. 6500 workers in Qatar have died building infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. It is scandalous and is legitimising a State that is virtually practicing slavery. Any footballer that takes part has absolutely no conscience.
  11. Signed. The way they treat the workers is criminal. Shame on FIFA for turning a blind eye in return for their brown envelopes.
  12. Brexit is the best thing ever. Forget the Jim Ratcliffe story anyway. It’s a wind-up.
  13. They must be good actors if they’re just doing it for a payout (from where by the way?). Your mate sounds like a c**t.
  14. I know a few of those lads. What was allowed to happen was an absolute disgrace. The only person at the club who did anything about it was Dave Merrington. You could be forgiven for thinking a blind eye was turned as long as the conveyor belt of first team players kept coming through. Shame on the club and shame on 1 or 2 others for staying quiet on the subject.
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