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  1. I didn't state it as fact. I said if this is the system I could get on board.
  2. Now this I could get on board with... I could see 3 or 4 "EUROPEAN DIVISIONS" fed into from the various countries. Might be slightly complicated but as long as there is promotion and relegation all the way through, (so in theory Barcelona for example could end up back in the Spanish league) then I think it would be good. As a standalone I'm not sure.
  3. I do think it's time for Ralph to leave. I don't think it's all his fault. I think the second 9-0 defeat has completely knocked the stuffing put of the players and the club. The subsequent performances suggest that players are just trying to hang on rather than what happened after the Leicester one and the fighting spirit. It looks to me like everyone is just done. I think we are in a worse position psychologically than even a relegated team would be. Time for big changes.
  4. I think Ralph is a good manager/coach. I think he some flaws. Are his strengths beneficial to the long term success of the first team? Maybe, maybe not. Are his flaws detrimental to the long term success of our first team? Maybe, maybe not. And here in lies the problem I suspect the board are pondering. At his best, we are superb. At our worse we are abysmal. I think there are many mitigating factors for the downside, such as Covid and the training environment, a squad full of players on loan, and the consequences of them on the buget, and an injury problem I am struggling to recall ever
  5. This "partnership" is not a good one, for all the reasons others have stated. Last night (and against Burnley) I thought Diallo was hesitant, negative and almost nervous. When he first played, I thought he was lively and skilful, but he seems to be inhibited now, most likely that he is being asked to do certain things which are slightly alien to him. He is playing consciously, rather than subconsciously (automation). We have missed Romeu a huge amount. Those who are being critical of JWP are being unfair in my opinion. I will agree that he is not the "hardest" but there are many players i
  6. It was interesting in todays press conference, as I sensed a bit of confidence from Ralph regarding transfer plans. Talked about early deals and this is not something you need to mention, so would think there's one or two fairly far down the line. I'll quite possibly be proved incorrect but I have a sneaky feeling that all 3 of Ings , Bertrand, and Vestergaard will end up staying. If that does prove to be the case I think the signing of Walcott and A.N.Other Striker will be all that is required up top. Sure you could sell Redmond or Djenneppo, or both and refresh but I wouldnt expect tha
  7. It's points that matter. Last 16 games Newcastle are bottom of the league. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB1?saison_id=2020&min=15&max=31
  8. I think the mood in this thread of "sell him if we get X..." is the challenge the club has. It is proud of its academy and the success in bringing players through but if you end up selling them all you set the culture and mindset of players in the academy that you're here until we get the price we want fr you. That may mean you just play 25 games or 300 games or anywhere in between but that is an horrendous thing to have in the club. You could argue we are not too far away from that already but by not selling JWP and hopefully one or two more come through and stay for a long time over the next
  9. Its obvious we need a new owner/consortium, I'm curious to know though (particularly from those who are critical of Gao's total lack of investment in the business other than purchasing it) how much each season or up front you think any new owner(s) should / need to put in? Do you want them to invest in order to up the wage limit (which potentially takes the club beyond breakeven, should investment cease) or can better players be acquired without doing this? Can we even if they invest say 50m a year attract the type of players we need to progress ? Should their investment include
  10. It's a very very crucial next 3 games. A win at Bournemouth hopefully changes the mood and can be backed up with wins against Burnley and WBA and then we are near as damn it safe. Should we lose those 3 then we are under extreme pressure with only 7 games to get probsbly 8 or 9 points. We play Palace H Leicester H Liverpool A Fulham H Leeds H West Ham A in those 7.....Im not confident!!!!! Would you therefore wait until WBA game to change the manager? Win v WBA and lose v Burnley....slightly better. Jeez...who would be a CEO of Saints?!! The decision the
  11. It's really interesting because it clearly works very well with decent players (when they are fit). The quandary is perhaps the balance between teaching players this system/style so that they can move through the levels more easily and destroying their confidence with the style/method and internally. We've been exceptionally unlucky with injuries in the first team so tbe B team will of suffered losing players moving up and so too the 18s. I'm not worried we will go down but it's likely the league season finished very flatly. Let's hope somehow we can lift the Cup!!! I'd would g
  12. Wow!!! Do you think Ings would deliberately play poorly in the months before the Euros, let alone in any case!! You my friend need to get out into the fresh air!!!
  13. I haven't read the latest posts on this thread but I do think that RH should be left to see this season out and this will tell is how good he is when he has a full squad fit. There is so much contributing to this bad run but as bad as this is the start of the season was excellent. What matters is what it looks like after 38 games (and hopefully the FA Cup final😉). What concerns me right now is whether he has the mental energy. It's clearly been very tough time emotionally and I get the impression the bloke is knackered. Mental overload leads to poorer decisions. I also
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