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  1. He played 30 odd minuted for Sporting yesterday, scored and then went off injured (dont know how bad).
  2. Taking your post at face value, it sounds exciting, so can you expand on what "transformative" may look like?😁
  3. An intersting one Tom Davies. When he arrived on the scene - I think under the lying dutchman - I thought he looked a decent prospect, full of energy, fairly combative and a reasonable element of skill. In the last season or so he seems to have stalled, and heres the thing, is that him, hit his level, or ist it down to the few changes of managers Everton have had? I think it may well be a decent signing as he will have a chance to get his career really going in a team where he can become first choice in the midfiled, whereas at Everton he will not. We can certainly do better but if we end up with him Romeu, JWP and the kids thats better than it is now!!!
  4. Its almost like Ralph is saying "LOOK...I NEED SOME NEW PLAYERS"!!!!!
  5. 1 goal in 23 last season in Ligue 1...7 in 33 the previous one. Not that exciting.
  6. What you're describing is the difference between normal businesses and football/sport. As a business we are operating normally. We generate income and spend it wisely, hopefully with a profit, or if we lose annually it does not bankrupt us as previous profits are merely reduced and cash flow protected. As a football business we do not have an owner who wants to spunk a load of money which he will never get back. This does not on its own make him bad owner and definitely not an horrific one. We all would love a benefactor - one who does not loan against the club or wants his/her money back at any time but those people are few and far between. Until this happens I'm content with the current operational management and how they act and how they communicate. As a business I am confident of sustainability. As a football team (specifically team and not business) I am equally confident with those in placd to sustain our premier league status. This does not mean I would not welcome more investment in the team but I do believe that Semmens and Co. are doing everything they can to get the best players for Ralph. Until we get that benefactor I am happy with the status quo.
  7. MarkSFC

    Wesley Hoedt

    Send (loan) not sell?🙄
  8. Oh yeah!!!! Forgot about him temporarily...perfect.
  9. I do not agree that McCarthy is poor. Granted he is no Bufon or Nuer but the standard of English keepers is arguably lower than its been for a very long time. I would suggest this has been the downside of attracting the best players in the world to the PL as (obviously) you only play one GK each game so fewer chances and therefore in time our GKs are pushed down the league and down the leagues to get games or sit on the bench! Overall I think we have 3 fairly decent GKs and the fact they are English is a bonus. We could do better but very unlikely we will. We definitely need a defensive minded CM, in my opinion one of 20-30m type standard who goes straight into the team. Romeu is good but not getting younger and JWP is more forward thinking and not the holding type we need there. I cant say I know who! CB looks better with Salisu and if RH can get Vestergaard to play well we will have some decent strength there. I'd like a new winger/attacker type to replace Boufal. As much as I like him I dont think he's best suited to our style. Someone young but ready for 15 to 20 games and someone who can put Redmond under pressure. Overall I feel quite optimistic for the first time in 3 seasons!!
  10. Personally hoping its neither and its Kampl from Liepzig. 29 but RH knows him very well. Reminds me a little bit of Alan Ball in his style...high energy, breaks the play up and then keeps it very simple. Exactly what we need in front of the the CBs.
  11. Just because certain players are listed now does not mean they or we are not looking to get rid. By not listing them you are telling them you don't want them when it might actually be that we end up needing them in the squad and it will tell other clubs we do not wsnt them which gives them room to negotiate a lower fee.
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.io
  13. Theres a flaw in your spiel because if you were under an NDA even mentioning there is an NDA you are admitting that something is going on and that will break the NDA. Keep the entertainment up though, been fun!
  14. You may be correct but I suspect not with at least one or even two of them. Danso by the way isnt ours and is now on loan at Fortuna Düsseldorf. I just hope our CEO has more positivity around selling them than you and I'm sure he will.
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