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  1. Entirely possible. I won't bank on it though
  2. Early days yet....plenty of time to revert to type. Need a GK big time...
  3. Time to go. I think he might resign. As long as he keeps selecting the blunt and inept Redmond it shows a complete lack of judgement. We need fresh energy, viewpoints, ideas and enthusiasm.
  4. It's called guessing. Using all the "information" at hand to make a prediction and then write it in such a way as to make it "seem" like they know. It's what 90% of sports journalism and media do. It's all about clicks and advertising and subscription revenue.
  5. I agree but the reality is this will happen more often over the coming seasons until we have a wealthy owner willing to spend. So probably for ever.
  6. Despite the widespread (on here at least) lack of awareness and knowledge of this player, I have a sneaky feeling he will turn out to be a really decent player for us. I really enjoyed his attitude about signing. It seems like it is someone who has some talent at from an early age this was seen but his choice have clubs have not worked out for him for whatever reason. This can easily happen. Ralph's signings have all been good and I trust him on this one so let's see in 3 or 4 mo ths where we are. For the fee it could be an absolute bargain. And if it doesn't work out its not a lot
  7. At his best he is good enough but not amazing. Usually his best appears one in ten games. Let's see and notake quick judgements like the way of the world.
  8. Maybe his personal circumstances have altered, family illness perhaps. These guys are human at the end of the day. I hope that's not the case but if it is then who can really blame him. We might all do the same.
  9. Did he shine more or less than Armstrong for Celtic? Genuine question as I don't know but the point is S Armstrong is now a key player for us despite a slow start in out team. It is possible that Moi needed the time away to develop into a player capable of being useful for us. I'm hoping that's the case.
  10. I dont see Smallbone as an option really even if fit. He's not a direct replacement for Romeu and that is someone we do not have, that real stopper type. If we don't get someone like him I think we will be vulnerable again.
  11. Yep🙄🙄
  12. Because he is awful. An opinion. My opinion.
  13. Un-fucking-believable. 🤯🤯🤯
  14. Thats a fair method of judgement. We just have to hope Ralph and the team have seen something they can mature quickly into a decent player.🤞🤞🤞
  15. You seem to be very worried by this player. Is that based solely on a statistical viewpoint or have you seen him play? Not totally discounting the stats but there are many factors that can dictate these numbers and the relevance is not always important.
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