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  1. I think that's the first time, other than Spurs but for different reasons, that we know that the quality of our players is not quite top 8. They didn't all fire, particualrly Romeu who left passes short and his lack of speed versus really athletic players was highlighted. Armstrong I thought was a bit negative, and missed several runs behind. Not saying he should always have looked for the player but it is that vision and positivity that ultimately makes an individual and the team very good. I think we look very confident and very well drilled and I think we will be around 8th come
  2. I love our badge. Not sure why it needs changing. Perhaps some semblance of improving each element as in modernising, clearer etc but keep it the same in essence.
  3. Thanks SO16_Saint for posting that. It feels like we are very lucky with the managers we have; Ralph, Matt, Martin and Toby. Lets hope we get a prolonged stay from all of them, a new owner and build something special!
  4. can the article be copied onto here by anyone so as not to have to subscribe?!
  5. I actually think 5 would benefit the smaller squads / clubs just as much. Sure the overall wuality of say Man City's 20 versus ours is going to be higher, however if we could have 9 on the bench this means our kids coming through will at least get experience of the matchday before they otherwise might. And, if we just happen to be 4 up with 10 minutes to play there will be opportunities for players to get some experience quicker than they might otherwise. With the pressure of securing 40 odd points asap the smaller clubs will squeeze as much out of their first / main 11-14 players as they can.
  6. I'm not concerend for one moment that we will lose Ralph any time soon. For one we have him on a long term contract but more importantly what he is achieving with Saints takes time. Its taken him a good year to 18 months to get this group of players functioning in the way we are. Learning the system does not neccessarily speed up with better players but the results/output would. Most top clubs will not give virtually anyone a year to 18 months to "get things going" as would be the case. For this reason I think we will see Ralph here for at least this and next year and potentially longer. The m
  7. Ralph is clearly a coach who manages as opposed to a manager who coaches. Seems obvious to say but there are significant differences in the mentality between those two types. Ralph for me has the hollistic viewpoint, where developing individuals seems to be the number one priority and the way he will achieve collective performance and success. A manager is more results driven and will not neccessarily spend as much time or effort on improving the individuals, rather work on collective organisation and buying in players which is short term. Ralph fits our club philosophy perfectly and vice vers
  8. no doubt that this is at least part of the reason for bringing in Walcott. Redmond has not had any cometition but we now have Walcott, REdmond, Armstrong and Djenepo vying for two spots; thats decent. Add in the four strikers, Ings, Adams, Long, and Obefemi and we now look stronger up front than we have for quite a while.
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