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  1. To be fair Diego Maradona's views on current affairs and dietary health were a bit iffy too, but he wasn't that bad a footballer...
  2. You'll never make the station...
  3. Bit of a sojourn on the south coast for Frank but only good memories of his time at the Dell - a very typical McMenemy signing, a pure entertainer. One of my best memories was being on the terrace at Highbury in the prelude to the cup semi final 1984. Saints players clean cut ambling around in their Burton suits when FW appears looking like Las Vegas Elvis after an all night shagging session. Other posters have mentioned his passing, and that’s where he was sublime when at Saints - old school class and character. RIP Elvis!
  4. We now need a turning point - let's hope this is it!
  5. Shortlisted for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
  6. When it gets really bad the bestest fans will start lighting candles and tying scarfs to things. The media will do a ten minute special report on the news. We should all say a prayer...
  7. The Vest is no Dejan Lovren but any bid from the dipperati would need to be north of £50M...
  8. Best start to a prem season and couldn’t happen to a better group. Ace! COYR!
  9. It was lighthearted, apologies for the neg’s...
  10. And would still be an improvement on Gao! :)
  11. I think Ralph is enjoying life at Southampton in the main and we are very good fit for him and his methods - there is mutual benefit. I am not sure he would get the time he needs to get players to buy into his methodology at the big clubs in the Prem. The best outcome for the manager, senior players and fans would be that we get a Board who can free the purse strings somewhat and show ambition, because the potential to do something special with this on-field set up is becoming very evident.
  12. On the Beatles theme: Saints signed Salisu Or should I say that’s what they say He was on Youtube Looking quite good, Ghanian hardwood He told Saints he’d stay And mentioned he’d play anywhere So Ralph looked around And placed him in a Vestergaard pair Bin-dippers consider Saints mugs, biding their time Preparing to whine An inch on six two, for now Mo is a Saint Hates Pompey scum as much as you… Etc.
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