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  1. FFS and in public too! Hendo obviously hated Lalla as he didn't get a breathless letter when he left the dippers
  2. It's the Neil Shipperley proportions you have to watch out for!
  3. She will immediately look to oust her father's diminutive trusted advisor, Nicola Mascarpone (who will have been courted to take over at AC Nestle)...
  4. Surprised that they didn't put the first team on furlough during the summer to put pressure on Norwich - every place is worth a lot of money.
  5. One of my favourite players and a great manager for us. Loved by and a legend for Barca and I hope that he does well for them.
  6. To be honest I couldn't give a flying f*ck what Le Tissier says or does on Chitter, he's the best player I've seen in four decades supporting Saints. That said, he's no Neil Shipperley...
  7. Cheers Turkish, one of the few genuine ITK posters left. Does your insider have anything on Vestergaard?
  8. Miltonaggro

    20/21 Kit

    BSM now, a clever marketing ploy by Guru Semmens.
  9. Miltonaggro

    20/21 Kit

    It could be a biological reaction - the shirt wanting to rid itself of a dangerous pathogen.
  10. Run like a seaside B&B...
  11. Yes, I'm praying for that too, a veritable tsunami of good news 😉
  12. Don't often read the Express but you do have to smile at journalistic perception as a Saints fan - 'Ralph Hasenhuttl is looking to build on an impressive end to the campaign which saw the Saints finish in 11th and 18 points clear of the relegation zone.' We were indeed 18 points clear of the 'relegation zone', Arsenal were 22 points clear. Alternatively Saints were 7 points short of a European spot and 14 points short of Champions League place. Its a funny old game...would love it if we get McKennie btw.
  13. Would be good for Ings to overtake ratface Vardy in the final furlong of the golden boot, so I am going for the Leicester reverse score of Boscombe 1 Saints 4 (Ings x 3, Ward-Prowse). Full strength please Rafe - COYR!
  14. If Reed had been at the club then Forecast would still be here! Club legend...
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