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  1. Me too. I reckon Ralph's plan is to keep him on the bench for a few weeks to wind him up like a wristwatch. We've needed some grit for a number of seasons and Lyanco could be the man, tag team with Sugar Ray Stephens...
  2. If anyone fancies having Jimmy Mc cook them a fry up you can book in at his guest house in Ayrshire for a staycation. You would then be able to force an SFC Q&A on him without incurring additional fees - http://langside-bedandbreakfast.com/
  3. Indeed, it's good and right to dream. I would love us to have owners that have the funds, nous and commitment to use Leicester City as their template of how to maximise the potential of an unfashionable provincial club. Recapture the momentum we got from the ML takeover but in the top flight, gain confidence get some swagger, win a trophy or two. We would then also have the advantage of the city and environs not being a complete shithole.
  4. Operation Yew Tree: The Musical.
  5. Should be an interesting read as was at Saints for almost 20 years under twelve managers - remarkably, McMenemy to Sturrock. My memory is of a limited player probably lucky to get 300 games in the top flight (which I think he'd admit, and certainly not alone in terms of SFC teams of that era), but bringing loads of positive energy, 100% committed and Saints through and through. Had some ups and downs since playing days but comes over as a stoic, straight up and thoroughly decent human being. My favourite Benali moment was the kung fu kick on the precocious Nicky Barmby at White Hart Lane -
  6. Its the cut-glass accents. Portsmouth were beaten by the Chester Zoo gibbon enclosure.
  7. Positive overall, interesting at the very least. I think this should go down as the ‘Crocker window’ as that appears to be where the change of direction has come from, a large dose of strategic thinking in terms of signing these young stars with the promise of prem starts. Good work, given that we have owners who aren’t interested and don’t put in. So far this season it looks promising but over the season it will be whether improved performance (including fitness) translates to points. We clearly need experience, that vocal confident keeper in the Neimi mould, and the seen-it-all-bef
  8. Time on your hands. Dexterity in the wrist.
  9. Welcome Lyanco. He's played in Italy, he fucking hates Pompey... https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/19536853.lyanco-discusses-dream-move-premier-league-southampton/
  10. Looks very happy to be at Saints in the official photos. Welcome nipper, let's hope that you do well and prove the Torino tossers wrong!
  11. It makes one realise how far ahead of his time Simon Clifford was. These days there would likely be an audience receptive to his bullshit.
  12. This boy is some player, that combo of power, poise and an ability to read the game is rare but clear for all to see. I hope that he tears up trees for Saints while he's here and gives himself a few seasons to bed into the Prem - he could potentially leave at 21 as a burgeoning superstar!
  13. Inevitable in many ways with Danny as is the spell on the treatment table on the horizon - that's the test for Aston Villa and their fans in terms of their investment of a large chunk of Grealish.
  14. Thinking this over and it could well be that the lead has come about from Matt Crocker in plate spinning mode. Crocker was at the Toulon Tournament as FA Head of Pathway Development in 2019. Brazil fielded a talented young side and won, and Lyanco apparently had a stormer overall - runner up in player of the tournament, no mean feat for a centre half. Just putting two and two together but it may well be that this is where the potential was recognised, with his intervening patchy form in Italy overlooked in the manner of form is transient, class is permanent. This one will likely either be
  15. Nickname (self-applied) appears to be El Gorilla, a positive...
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