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  1. There are always behind the scenes reasons for delays. My 17yo nephew signed a pro contract with Everton recently, and it took them a week to get round to announcing it on their website due to various admin reasons. Granted he's not as high profile as an expensive, foreign-based player joining a PL club's first team, but that brings with it additional paperwork etc... especially when there is a work permit involved.
  2. I can't be bothered to even look for it now, but there was video footage of him while on England duty that summer, signing a young lad's Liverpool shirt while still supposedly the captain of Saints, and saying he hoped to join soon. How much of a massive bellend would you have to be to assume that was OK? (Rhetorical question, of course. Please don't go full MLG and ask me to give you all the variables before it can be quantified.)
  3. Looks like we're gonna be wearing next season's kit for this one...
  4. £10m for a young, English player with PL and European experience, who has already demonstrated his usefulness and suitability for Ralph's system, is an absolute steal. I would much rather we pay Spurs what they are asking for him, rather than miss out because of our own stubbornness and end up having to take a gamble on a player from the European leagues.
  5. Yeah, you're probably right. But it could mean the difference between Bournemouth just needing to win by any margin, and them needing to win by 3 or 4 to stand any chance. I think they are screwed either way. I'm just clutching at straws because I so badly want to see us finish above Everton, who we seem to be quantum entangled to this season.
  6. I really hope Man City smash Watford tonight and hammer their GD. It would give Bournemouth even more incentive to get a win at Everton on the final day and will increase our chances of finishing above them.
  7. Blades can't now make the Europa League places after losing to Everton. Don't know if that works in our favour or not though. Edit: that's assuming Palace don't come from behind to beat Wolves.
  8. We did that at Bramall Lane in September - sang his song when he was on the touchline warming up, and he came over and applauded us for it. Then he did us a massive favour by inexplicably getting himself sent off late in the game. He's still a Saint at heart.
  9. Sheaf Saint


    With only a year left on his contract though. And hopefully we won't just accept their first offer anyway.
  10. As well as we played in the first half, I was a little disappointed with Redmond. He's not been at his best since the restart and wasn't really involved in any of our decent attacks tonight. Always looking to slow the play down and give the opposition the chance to reset rather than play the early ball in behind. It's a shame because we know he can do much better than that when he's on form.
  11. Yep. Top drawer pass, control and finish.
  12. Sheaf Saint

    20/21 Kit

    Would prefer the white with the red sash for the home kit. Just do not see the point of an away kit that has essentially the same colours but in reverse. We still won't be able to wear it away at any other team that plays in red. Utterly pointless.
  13. In defence of Obafemi, he does seem to have an eye for a good defence-splitting pass, as we've seen from some of his assists so far. Unfortunately, he plays with his head down too often and doesn't always see it. I thought Adams showed more attacking threat in his short cameo at the end of the Watford game than Obafemi has in any of the recent games, so I would go with him for the rest of the season. He's bound to break his duck sooner or later, but even if he doesn't, he brings more to the team in other ways than Obafemi does at this stage of his career.
  14. Classy, as always. Will never be remembered as a truly 'great' player, but a fantastic club servant and a true gentleman who always gave his very best.
  15. KWP is so much better defensively than Valery.
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