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    Sam McQueen

    Yeah, there's no way that anybody could possibly come back from a horrendous knee injury and ever be a successful part of a Hasnehuttl team is there. A shame really, otherwise that Danny Ings could have been an excellent signing.
  2. Remember also they've got Targett at LB. We know very well what his weaknesses and limitations are, and although I would be reluctant to change a winning team, I think playing Theo on the right would be the best option to exploit them.
  3. Indeed. If he really was as unfit and unwell as some are claiming then surely he would have been subbed long before the 87th minute.
  4. Me neither. If you watch the replay very carefully he put his hands up to plead innocence first, then deliberately extended his right leg outwards on the next stride. It's barely noticeable, but you can see his leg go out in an unnatural direction and his foot raise up to a higher angle than his previous strides. It was obviously intentional, and his behaviour upon being shown the card clearly proves his head was gone. Reducing the suspension is an absolute joke.
  5. I'm still gobsmacked that MOTD chose not to bother showing the disallowed goal from Armstrong that the lino took an ice age to decide was offside. It looked blatant in real time on Sky but the replay showed it was actually much closer than it first looked. And it was a great finish. Just bizarre.
  6. This is from my nephew in the Everton U23s...
  7. Yep, watched the first one and thought it looked really good. I really don't get the hatred some people show towards Disco. It's far from perfect, granted, but the biggest problem people seem to have with it is "It's not Star Trek". But it very much is IMO. Much more so than the Kelvin timeline movies anyway. It's a shame people have to judge it based on their own expectations rather than on its own merits. When TNG started, a lot of people hated it and dismissed the idea of a balding English actor playing a reserved French captain of the Enterprise, and its first two seasons were mostly
  8. I follow the main Everton forum (Grand Old Team) quite a lot because my nephew plays in their U23s. They are actually a very knowledgeable bunch, much more so than I have seen on some other teams' forums, that's for sure. Of course they have their share of bedwetters and drama queens, but football forums would be boring places without them. Why shouldn't they be confident? They've got an excellent manager whose influence is now shining through, they have started the season in really good form, and they are one of our bogey teams who we never seem able to beat. They have every right to be
  9. OK that was absolutely pathetic from Bednarek.
  10. Well that's wank. How did he manage to get that shot away with so many of our defenders in the way?
  11. Nice run from Theo with a decent effort from Adams on the end of it. Chelsea very good going forward but they're vulnerable at the back as well.
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