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  1. Entirely predictable result that. Even after we took the lead. Arsenal are in really good league form and totally deserved what they got tonight. No complaints. We have a very competitive first 11, but there's just no way a club like ours with the lean squad we have can absorb as many injuries as we have at the moment and still maintain decent form. Ralph mentioned that we can't use our recovery facilities at the moment (cryo-chamber, sauna etc...) due to Covid. On top of that we've got massive fixture congestion because of the condensed season, meaning the fit players we have will b
  2. Which JWP has never attempted, and surely never will. Takes a player out if the game for a few seconds I suppose.
  3. Would you prefer he was laughing and joking instead?
  4. This reminds me of the time Gazza got sacked as manager of Rushden and Diamonds but refused to accept it and vowed to turn up at work the following Monday anyway.
  5. I've often wondered, if VAR refs can tell the on-field ref to award a penalty, then surely they should also be able to instruct refs to book players for diving as well.
  6. Better from us in the last few minutes. Have Arsenal burned themselves out early trying to play us at our own game?
  7. Hang on... How did we not get a corner for that?
  8. Commentator: ”Not sure that's really worth a yellow" Fuck off. That tackle was later than an important decision from Boris Johnson!
  9. They've shown more replays of Lacazette's miss than of our goal so far 🤨
  10. Pompey down to 10 men at home to Lincoln.
  11. I think we've got our wires crossed a bit here. You're referring to the symptoms of the virus, which can feel like a bad flu to most people that get it. In that sense you are absolutely correct. The point I was making was about the overall impact of the pandemic. Many people arguing against lockdowns etc. (and I'm using my own brother as a reference point here, who has fallen head first down the hoax/anti-vax/Bill Gates conspiracy theory rabbit hole and cannot be reasoned with) are focussed solely on the death rates, saying it is no worse than a bad flu season and they would prefer t
  12. Total number of NHS hospital admissions with flu 2017/18 season: 46,215 Total number of NHS hospital admissions with flu 2018/19 season: 39,670 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7526100/ Total number of hospital admissions with Covid (cumulative) as of Monday 25th Jan: 371,089 (gov.uk). That's almost ten times the amount of hospital admissions since the start of the pandemic (less than a year ago) than in the entire 2018/19 flu season. And that is taking into account all of the lockdown and social distancing restrictions. Imagine how much worse it would be
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