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  1. Got my mug today, courtesy of my wife by way of an early birthday present. I'm very pleased to discover it's a decent sized, good quality sturdy mug, and not the bog standard cheapy generic type with a dodgy print on it I was expecting.
  2. Maybe Monday's 'performance' was just an elaborate ruse to draw Leicester into a false sense of security.
  3. I would even have Stephens in ahead of Bednarek at the moment. He actually had a decent run of form towards the end of last season.
  4. I don't care how accidental that is. It's a foul and should be a penalty. Was it even checked?
  5. Fucking hell. That is just utter shit. Ings literally just gave them the ball. This is painful to watch. Just so, so shit I can't even begin to understand.
  6. Has Forster ever saved a penalty? What was he even thinking diving on like that? Was only ever going to be one result.
  7. Seen it so many times with Saints. Fail to score when on top and pay the price.
  8. I said they ruled it out because they couldn't draw a line so stuck with the linos flag, and that's exactly what they have confirmed happened. It looked probably onside but the position of his arm made it unclear.
  9. Fuck sake Saints will you wake the fuck up! This is pathetic!
  10. Bednarek lunged in and made a mess of that.
  11. Really poor start from us again. Taters bleating on about mistaken identity for the offside. Not a chance. I think they just couldn't get an angle with VAR to draw the line and went with the on-field decision. They are carving us open down our right side time and time again.
  12. That wouldn't have even happened if Bednarek hadn't given away a needless free kick.
  13. Of all the dreadful pundits Sky manage to find, I think Kevin Campbell is up there with the very worst of them. Him and Carragher together are pretty much unwatchable.
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